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Great Interview-
We are in the midst of live music most days of our lives, year after year.  Nothing comes close to live (even though I have pretty decent audio gear and Do care about it.  But I can go weeks without turning on the stereo and not miss it.  
Double up on speaker cables
It's definitely better to post about the idea, rather than.... you know.....trying it.  
Thumper’s Mother
Irony alert.  
Deal Alert
The ad is in todays Time=Picayune. Triton 1 Ref. 8K to 4k. Not sure if this link will work.  
A day in the life of an audiophile
larsman 1,792 posts 06-12-2024 at 08:19am  You gotta be able to tune things out and get your mind to prioritize what it pays attention to This is my super power as a musician.  
A Better Way to Buy Gear - Help Needed
Run away!  
What are the circular discs people use on components?
I hope the people who buy these remember to check the blinker fluid in their cars.  
Shocked. Need Opinions. How muck power do I need?
I once tried my little Onkyo from my bedroom system on my Maggies. It's rated at 44/70. To my amazement, it was really good! That little Onkyo is a gem.  
Who has tried one of the PS Audio Power Regenerators?
I need to get into the Kool Ade business.  
Your Most Prominent Audio Component
Bored today?  
Not sure what to think
As the song goes...Don't worry, Be happy! Sounds like you're perfectly content with what you have.    
It Happens Every Time I Calibrate
Trying to replicate live music is a fool's errand.  
Mobile Fidelity Ultradeck
Are they pure digital?  
YOu guys are scaring me LOL  
@waltersalas Thanks!   Anyone else?