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Do your ears deceive you?
Hearing the “difference” is only part of the equation. Determining that the “difference” is also “improvement”. Heck, the change in SQ could be further from truth, not necessarily closer.    Like hitting a golf ball perfectly without watching to ... 
Looking for phono preamp advice in the $1000 - $1600 range
Be careful on the trans impedance plan. I sold an Insight and replaced with a Little Loco. It was not an improvement with my VPI Shyla cart (AT Art 9). For TI to shine you need a very LO MC with very low output impedance…below 6 ohms. I’d highly r... 
What was the most expensive record that you ever bought ?
What??? No high dollar Yoko Ono pressings?  I’m shocked I tel you, shocked!  
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
Dianne Reaves - Tenderly  Kevin Mahogany - Teach Me Tonight Mark Isham - Anything from his Blue Sun LP   
Denafrips Pontus *15th* ?
What happened to 13th and 14th?  
Denafrips Pontus *15th* ?
Have had a Pontus ll 12th for 18 months and it certainly does not lack bass. Have been very happy with it. If possible to audition, well worth it.   
Difference between Bluesound Node, Node 2, Node 2i, NodeX
Add a Pardo LPS and you take it up notch.   
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
Your choice (and investment) in preamp may be a more important consideration.   
VPI Scoutmaster to HRX
Will you be using the same cartridge and phononstage?  I recently upgraded my VPI rig with good results. But, as I often do, I lack the self discipline to make one change at a time. I went from a VPI Super Scout with a 10” JMW unipivot arm and Han... 
Revel Performa3 Cabinet Defect
I had a pair (F208) just shipped off to TMR as a trade deal for a pair of Cantons. But they were perfect from day 1. No such hairline cracks on mine. They have a very thick high gloss finish. My guess is it’s the finish vs the wood.   
Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?
We may have this all wrong. Perhaps someone has done an A/B SQ comparison with/without cigarette residue, with/without pet hair or dander, with/without sippy-cup drippings on the knobs and cabinet So many details to test! There may be another bus... 
Buying Used Speakers
If buying used speakers, I’ve made long drives to verify all drivers operate and inspect before loading and transporting myself. If site unseen, there’s risk but stick with places like TMR and you’re pretty safe.    Remember, there’s risk for the... 
Meeting up with members even where there is no sale
Many forums have a PM page for private messaging between members for exactly that purpose. Or simply for dialogue with restricted viewing.  
Loud pop/screech when powering on amp
Or identifies as a him and feeling insulted.  Just trying to alert you.   
Specific Node/Airplay question
Don’t connect your phone to the node via Bluetooth. A common mistake and major SQ reduction.