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DCS Sending Legal Notice To Reviewer (Golden Sound) Over an Old Review of Their Bartok DAC
@viridian.  The exact words:   In May 2024, my colleague in the USA instructed a lawyer to communicate with GoldenSound in an attempt to reach a resolution. I was aware of this letter and my intention at this point was to reach a solution by med... 
DCS Sending Legal Notice To Reviewer (Golden Sound) Over an Old Review of Their Bartok DAC
I don’t believe that DCS is being “driven to the ground” and (having some exposure to the company) do believe David’s explanation that the DCS USA employee acted independently and was indeed fired for these transgressions.  The quality of the prod... 
If A.I. took the place of musicians, would you listen to it?
Simple question… If you heard a song on the radio, and you really liked it, and then you found out it was AI, would you stop liking it? Would you no longer listen to it?  
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
I have a pair of Avalon Eidelon Diamonds in Port Townsend if you are interested in checking out.   
Hearing aid question
If a persons main goal is hearing music properly… Why not just use the equalization available with Roon, or some kind of Equalizer or digital processing.? If it might offend others in the house, because it has too much trouble, why not use headpho... 
I cannot see how to combine the two clips.  
From Rossini Apex to ????
Has anyone heard the new Grimm MU-2?  
From Rossini Apex to ????
@rooze seems like we are on the same page about the differences. Are you using an Apex?  
From Rossini Apex to ????
PS.  I am using a Grimm MU-1 streamer currently   
Speakers On Wheels?
Make sure that two out of the four wheels are lockable in place  
Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?
If you are buying a pair of headphones, you might want to know if the Prior owner uses hair gel or some other fragrant addition! Happened to me and it took several months to go away!  
Do you live in a rural or smaller area with no Audiophile Support Nearby??
Come on ‘ya prima Donna’s!  If this is not helpful to you, leave it be.  Perhaps it WILL be helpful to someone.    
what's a good Gan / Class D option under 3k? Nilai or Ncorex500?
I haven’t loved Class D until I put GAN in my system (AGD Audion). Would love to compare with the Orchard audio.   
Considering a Backert Rhythm 1.4, talk me out of it
I have the BACKERT LABS Rhythm 1.3 linestage  and recently compared it to a Shindo Partager and preferred the clarity and dynamics of the Rhythm. I also like so much about its design: balanced and SE ins and outs, balance control, HT pass, mono sw... 
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
I spoke with Doug this morning about the S5.5 going into 15 ohm speakers with a sensitivity of 83 dB. He did not think it was a good pairing as it would be underpowered. He recommended the model 16 or 41 amplifier.