Whats playing on your system today?

Today I decided to listen to two of my favorite rock guitar heros and one great vocalist. Guitarist' Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison.

I listened to Trower songs:
Bridge of sighs, Stitch in time, The fool and me, my personal favorite- Too rolling stoned and others.....

Then I pulled out "Gamma". 
I listened to: Razor King, Wish I was and Skin and bone and others.....

Davey Pattison hooked has also up with Michael Shenker also. I really enjoyed my day so far. Anybody else heard anything good?



I'm a big Robin Trower fan. And I have picked up quite a bit of old vinyl of his over the years surprisingly great shape
 Saw  him Last fall. Funny but I rocked out w him on my system
last Saturday few hour listen including Robin Trower,Humble Pie
,Hindrix,Janis Joplin, Cream,Yes, among others.  I'm just a rocker
I went on a Robin Trower bing a few weeks ago. Whipped out all my old vinyl that I kept from back in my high school and college days. Long Misty Days is my fave.........

I used to own the B.L.T. albumn when I was in high school. Great albumn, great albumn cover. Thanks for the reminder.  

I have all related Trower BLT stuff
Trower is touring east half of USA now. And west side of USA in 2017.  Has a new CD that he is running with and Album. Yes Album [vinyl]. You can preorder it
at Amazon
Glad y'all are liking Robin's stuff with Jack.  You might also like RT's work on Procol Harum's Broken Barricades LP.  (but you probably already know that one).  I'll have to look for his latest release.  Thanks for the heads up, radfrad.

Any Rory Gallagher fans out there? I just ran through "Top Priority " and "Calling Card. I love his raw unpolished sound. He was amazing. I found a YouTube cut with Jack Bruce and Rory Gallagher performing "politician" live. 


I thought I may be alone  when it came to Trower
,most never heard of him. Maybe I'm just old
Trower Tours USA every other year for 10 years at least.
His sound is spot on with all his old music today.  His band sounds slightly different do to different. Bass & Singers. But always great show
Great Thread nutty
Im gonna go listen to him now.  Just at low volume so family can sleep. He even sounds good at low volume. At least to me anyway
Love Rory too....more than Robin, actually (no offense radfrad). Check out Irish Tour ’74, Nutty. It used to be uploaded to YouTube. If not, it is certainly worth getting although it’s not hi-res or anything but still a great concert movie. Really gives you a sense of who Rory was along with his live show and band. Lou Martin ex-of Killing Floor on keyboard is very good, I thought. I have a bunch of Rory’s stuff on CD. My favorite might be his first solo release after Taste (it’s self-titled).
[Really enjoy talking about the music, by the way.]
Last night I was checking out on Youtube a very recent release by the Brooklyn band called Lucius and their new album "Good Grief". After listening I ordered it on CD from Amazon. For me very inspiring new music. Its also available on vinyl. I should mention that my Ayon CD player has a USB into its DAC so I can play anything online thru my system :)  Regards Jet
I don't belive Rory will dissapoint you. He's great.

I'll definitely check out your recommendation. FYI, I watched a friend's copy of "Rory Gallagher, Live at Rockplast 1976-1990". It's very good also. 

I'm always looking for new music to listen too. I'll look into Lucius.

Today I'm cueing up some Gary Moore and maybe a few cuts from the great Roy Buchanan. Whats on your playlist for 

Lots of Sasha and John Digweed including Northern Exposure this morning during 45min workout. 
A blend of tribal, deep house, techno and 80's pop disco helps to fight fatigue and makes it more efficient.

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Another vote for Rory Gallagher! Just listened to "Blueprint". One of the most underrated Guitarists IMHO. Some absolutely wicked slide playing on "Race The Breeze".
I agree, Rory can Lay it down. 

This afternoon I dug out some Pat Travers. " Puttig it straight" and " Crash and burn". I've seen him live four times. He was here in my hometown on January 29th.
He always puts on a good show. I saw him years ago when he was promoting the Crash and burn albumn. He had Pat Thrall with him! 

Yesterday we were discussing Jack Bruce. Simply a legend. How about Glenn Hughes? Now there is a guy with soul?


N - I was totally clueless about Glenn Hughes.  Had to look him up on Wikipedia and found a LOT of his stuff on the Spot (that's Spotify for all those Tidal-loving haters...hahaha)...anyway - WOW!  The dude has certainly got some pipes!  Volume, range and dynamics...not to mention able to handle quite a few different styles.  I jumped around a bunch on Spotify.  His From the Archives Vol 1- Incense & Peaches he has this sort of Bozz Scaggs R&B kind of sound.  I liked Jackie Got the Call Today.   Then he's got a Christmas album singing traditional carols pretty straight up.  Now I'm listening to Music for the Divine (a bit of Steven Tyler or maybe Lennie Kravitz style-wise) and I also sampled Building the Machine.  Anyway, glad you mentioned him.  Thanks.
Just finished Music for the Divine, all I can say is "Why was I not told about Glenn Hughes way sooner!"
Lots of rockers. Well, I'll insert a couple of jazz recordings.

Kenny Dorham - Quiet Kenny
Ray Bryant - Ray Bryant Trio
Glenn Hughes played with another guitar great Tommy Bolin in Deep Purple. Tommy Bolin's 2 solo albums are certainly worth checking out. Teaser from 1975 and Private Eyes from 1976.
I'm glad you liked Glenn Hughes. He's been around for the block a few times.
He played with Deep Purple, Hughes /Thrall, Black Sabbath and check out Black Country Communion. It features Hughes, Jason Bonham (Zepplin), and Derek Sherinian. (He has even more than I've mentioned ).

That reminds me. He jammed with Tommy Bolin also! Check out Tommy Bolin "Teaser". Great albumn. "Marching powder", and my favorite "wild dogs".

treadman, I'll check out your recommendations. I'm always on the  lookout for new music.


Yup - Glenn Huges has quite a discography.  He's been in the biz since 1969 apparently...so that's nearly 50 years.  

I never followed DP closely.  Only spent time with their In Rock and Machine Head - missed GH's involvement with them. 

tune-man, I will check out Tommy Bolin...don't know his stuff either.   Was thinking Marc Bolan (T.Rex/Bang a Gong) until I looked him up!

On Tap for today. Ian Moore. I really like a lot of his music. He's great live as well. I saw him many years ago in Cincinnati. He has a lot of great music.

Check out "Ian Moore and all the colors" (2000). The song "Magdalena" is great. 
And my personal favorite song from "Ian Moore" (1993) "How does it feel"? 

Let me know what you think.

If you're interested in checking out Tommy Bolin, don't miss James Gang "Bang".

Today I listened to New York Rock Ensemble, "Roll Over" and "Freedomburger".  Terrific.

Hey there 77...will do.  I'm a fan of James Gang...well at least while Joe Walsh was there.  Don't know them after Thirds.

I've always been a Trower and R Montrose fan. I buy only vinyl and admit I haven't bought any Trower since "Seven Moons". I've always loved the James Dewar era best.

In order to join in here, I'll offer up a couple that rock in a different way and may be under the radar.

The Russian Wilds "Howlin' Rain"
Elephant Stone "S/T"

"Thirds" is under-appreciated, in my view.  James Gang tried to find a new identity after "Thirds", when Joe Walsh left.  They added Dominic Troiano on guitar and Roy Kenner on vocals for two albums that were merely OK, and not essential listening.  But then they re-emerged with Tommy Bolin adding searing guitar and some pretty good tunes.  Two albums, "Bang" and "Miami" resulted.  "Bang" is the better of the two, but "Miami" is good, too.

(Dominic Troiano also stepped into the Guess Who after Randy Bachman's departure, incidentally, but GW's post-Randy albums were not their best,either).

If you find you enjoy Tommy Bolin, you might search out Billy Cobham's "Spectrum", an interesting jazz-rock-fusion collaboration.

And, if you fancy Joe Walsh, don't miss his first solo album, "Barnstorm".

Hello again 77....
Interesting you mention Bolin w/Cobham. I’m actually, as I write, listening to Bolin on Alphonse Mouzon’s "Mind Transplant" and, earlier today, saved Cobham’s "Spectrum" (all this courtesy of Spotify) - so I will listen to that later.

According to the All Music Guide write up on Mind Transplant, Cobham & Mouzon sort of parallel each other and the AMG reviewer has high praise for both of these recordings which happen to also share Bolin as guitarist.

So far, the sonics on just about everything I’ve listened to with Bolin are pretty attrocious and/or feature lame songwriting (at least to my ear) e.g., Zephyr, Deep Purple’s "Come Taste The Band". This made it hard for me to appreciate his playing. I do need to check out Teaser and Private Eyes. I did not get real far with the James Gang’s Bang. Zephyr’s Sail On is something I’d like to hear more of but it is hard to listen to...being hot and sizzly treble-wise.

You are preaching to the choir re Joe Walsh solo. I have Barnstorm, So What, ...the Player You Get, and But Serouisly Folks. BSF is probably my fav (with the exception of the OVEREXPOSED "Life’s Been Good...". Second Hand Store, Indian Summer, Tomorrow. Gorgeous melodies and great lyrics.

This Mind Transplant has good sound and I can hear the (genius?) in Bolin’s playing...wouldn’t a figured him for the speedy jazz fusion riffing he’s doing. He plays to some pretty complex time signatures too. Several of the "songs" on this MT are a little light on melody and development...being mainly a working over of a short phrase or theme and they do get a little repetitive. BUT I’m also hearing some deeper stuff that will be worth revisiting.

Looking forward to the Cobham. Nice chatting and I apologize to Nutty for monopolizing his thread. [BTW - Mr. N and all...please feel free to post over at The Minority Report (What’s in Your CDP Tonight). I’d welcome your comments there and seeing some of these artists and LPs getting even more exposure].

Slaw - the Russian Wilds and Elephant Stone duly noted. Thanks. Will sample them too.
I got some Rory on the way
I am trying to figure out how I never heard of the guy

ghosthouse, no apology necessary  :!)  I also need to revisit the James Gang.

I believe he really arrived on "Teaser". He also has Mr.Phil Collins on percussion and Jeff Porcaro on drums. (There is another thread all together).

slaw, on my "to do" list, check out The Russians Wild and Elephant Stone. 

I wonder what melody I 


Are you interested in the ultimate Rory Gallagher collector piece?
Check out the autographs!
Also check out the artical on Uli Jon Roth of the Scorpions. He has invented a new signature guitar with "30" frets instead of "24"! There will be a "Genreation Axe Tour " in April. Check out the lineup while your there.


It's is a Black cover. Just says Rory Gallagher
and Stage Struck. Both LP.            From soundstage direct 
Also preordered Robin Trower. . "Where are you going".  LP.  On Amazon

Start with these and look foreword to a good listen

My system is KRELL 450mcx  mono amps ,KCT  preamp ,KPS 28 cd
all cast.   PBN Grovemaster TT built by Peter.   B&W sub and B&W 803 not diamonds.  I enjoy the sound at med to low listening levels, just personal taste.
interconnects are Valhalla  and  Shunyata power conditioning. Two dedicated 20 amp circuits.  The ONE bi wire speaker connects
Weak link I think are the speakers.  15 yrs of equipment acquisition

Ghost, thanks for the reminder of "Mind Transplant", which I knew about but have never heard.  Will check into that.  Your reference to Mouzon reminded me of Larry Coryell, "Introducing the Eleventh House", with Mouzon (and Randy Brecker, as I recall).  Tinny sound but interesting music.

I agree with you on Bolin with Deep Purple.  Their styles just don't seem to mesh (for that matter I've never been a huge fan of DP with Steve Morse, though I'm a big fan of the original DP lineup and Steve Morse with the Dregs).

As for Zephyr, I prefer "Sunset Ride" to "Sail On" and Bolin isn't even on that album.

One reason I like Barnstorm is the backing musicians,  Joe Lala (Blues Image, Stills' Manassas, and a host of others), Kenny Passerelli and Joe Vitale, who sort of became the house band at Caribou studio for a while.  Showed up on albums with Dan Fogelberg, Michael Stanley, Fools Gold, and probably a bunch I can't think of.

Back to the theme of the OP, I'm presently listening to, and "The Who Sell Out", extended version.  What a wonderful album.

Philly Joe Jones-Advance!

Egberto Gismonti- Sol Do Meio Dia

if I didn't have to walk the dogs now I'm thinking Fripp/Summers- I Advanced Masked. But there is tomorrow to look forward to. 
I also like to listen to
Paul Rogers.  -Bad Co.  Free.   He plays w Queen also
Humble Pie
The Guess Who
How about.   Alvin Lee. 10 Years After. 
Alvin Lee. 10 Years Later. (Live)
like Allman Brothere also
I think there is just a lot of good artists out there
 all seemingly dated for my taste

I do not listen to anything considered new artists

happy listening

Today I went in another direction. I listened to another great guitarist and vocalist. 
When they arrived on scene, they we're considered progressive rock. The band known as "Kansas". Kerry Livgren and Steve Walsh. (I know great violinist as well). (Jean-Luc Ponty anyone?, song Demagomania).

I listened to the self titled " Kansas". Songs " Can I tell you", "Bringing it back", and "Journey from Mariabronn. Fantastic debut in my opinion. Then "Song for America".
Solid albumn but my favorite song, "Lonely street". It's got guts!!

Then I listened to Kerry Livgren's solo album "Seeds of change". I like this albumn. 
It's packed with talent.  Steve Walsh, Phil Ehart and Robby Steinhardt of Kansas. Kerry actually sing on this albumn. Kerry's wife does some backing vocals as well. 
Barrie Barlow of "Jethro Tull" plays drums.
Ronnie James Dio is on two cuts, "mask of the great deceiver" and " To live for the King". And David Pack comes courtesy of Ambrosia on "Ground Zero". 


Thanks for mentioning Morse and the Dregs. Reminds me to give "Liduid Tension Experiment" 1&2 another listen. Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci, Mike Pettrucci and the great Tony Levin.


Kansas was one of my favorite bands in high school. Saw them twice and out of all of the shows I've ever seen, they still stick out in my memory very fondly. Excellent musicians.

I've bought so much vinyl lately that I won't be able to follow along by listening to everyone's recommendations, as it will take me a while to get caught up with these purchases. I will keep reading and do appreciate all of the recommendations.
Thanks slaw! I'm enjoying all of the posts and feedback as well! 

(Spelling Corretion on my earlier post, the band is "Liquid Tension Experiment":)

So, I will post a recommendation from my current purchases. I've been a big fan of Glen Hansard for a while. I have all of his solo stuff, his Swell Season work, his Ep with Eddie Vedder, and his great tribute to the late, great Jason Molina. I just finished listening to his band, The Frames "Fitzcarraldo" lp....wow! This guy just oozes talent. The Frames apparently have many other records, but since I only buy lps, I'll not ever hear them all.
I urge you all to check his work out.
With all the British Blues Rockers mentioned, I feel obligated to suggest Big Joe Turner---the Blues shouter to beat all Blues shouters (I saw him live backed by The Blasters---one of the greatest nights of my life), Howlin' Wolf, his guitarist Hubert Sumlin, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Elmore James, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, and the King's Albert and Freddie. You know---the real stuff :-). However, B.B. King said Peter Green made him sweat.
Just finished a listen of
Johnny Winter. Live Bootleg Series
The albino brothers.
along with Rick Derranger
Johnny Marr, "Adrenalin Baby." It's a good, not great, live recording but the performance is thrilling. I saw the show and I'm just as amped listening to this as I was when I was there.

Tom Russell - The Long Way Around. A collection of live recordings, some w/ friends, some not, all good.

Malcolm Holcombe - Another Black Hole. Another excellent album from Malcolm.

We'll see what today brings.

bdp24, I've been getting into early Fleetwood Mac lately.. (Peter Green). Recently bought "In The Skies", good stuff!

So far today,

Springsteen "The River"
The Commitments "Soundtrack"
Stealers Wheel "S/T" (Intervention)
Brandi Carlile "Bear Creek"

Cleaned and ready for flattening before listening:

Roy Orbison "Mystery Girl, Deluxe"
Class of 55'" "Memphis Rock & Roll Homecoming"

If you haven't heard the new MOFI 45 rpm Jefferson Airplane "Surrealistic Pillow" you are missing out!


Will be ending the day with:

Dave Alvin & the Guilty Women
Marc Carroll "Stone Beads & Silver"
A mix of modern punky stuff - Franz Ferdinand, Strokes, Jesse Malin, Benjamin Booker, a few others.  Have my server set on shuffle to a mood I've named "Good Comp, Bad Comp."  

I like vinyl, but there is really something to be said for putting time into organizing a digital collection.  I have it to the point where whatever mood I am in, my digital self DJs for me through metadata.  Foobar filters are amazing for that.  
Do we have any UFO fans out there? I just finished listening to "Lights out" and "Obsession ". Then I listened to some of "Strangers in the night". It's was recorded live in 1978 in Chicago, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky. 

Now onto MSG. Self titled Michael Shenker Group. Looking forwar to hearing "Lost horizons".