Is anything better than the Accuphase T-100?

I've had an Accuphase T-100 for slightly less than ten years now and listen to it daily.  Every time I listen to it, I can't help but to think about how amazing it is.  The soundstage width, depth, instrument separation, and tone is so good.  It's much better than my CD player.  Is there anything else that's in the same league?  I have space on my rack and listen to so much FM radio that I thought it might be fun to get another tuner, possibly tube, to switch back and forth when the mood strikes.  I'm intrigued by some of the vintage tube tuners out there, but don't want to waste my time unless I know that it's at least equal in performance to the Accuphase.

So, if you have experience with the great Accuphase T-100 and something else that's just as good or better, please let me know what the other tuner is and how it compares.  I would love to hear about it!
I used one for about 15 years without problems - then it needed an overhaul and I couldn't find any one to do it. A fine tuner! Much better than my T101 which also died. 

I now use some Yamaha Tuners, T2 & 85. Just not the same - the tuners are fine but there isn't much on them worth tuning in. 
I had one as well, back when i listened to fm radio... for a different sound (not necessarily better, just different) you could try an old tube Macintosh. A friend has one & it sounds very warm, lush & seductive - dont recall the model, sorry
I’ve owned many tuners over the years including that outstanding Accuphase. The Sansui TU-919 ranks as one of the best that I have owned!!
You can google, “Tuner Information Center” and you will find reviews of almost every tuner made. Remember, that it’s just someone’s opinion but very useful if you are making a serious analysis. FWIW, if I recall, it purports that a vintage Kenwood tuner was the best tuner of all time. OK, whatever! Still, it’s a serious review and worth checking out.
There was something special about Sansui Tuners that I could never identify, but I liked them the best.
After owning 3 different  and each more expensive Magnum Dynalab tuners, I finally found the holy grail (for me) in a McIntosh MR88 FM HD tuner.  Very analog sounding without rolled off highs.  I listen to it 4-6 hours a day in my office. 
I have read only good things about the Accuphase. 

Actual listening experience, my ears  have agreed with the following:
REL Precedent
Marantz 10B
Macintosh MR71

There are many great SS models, but my nostalgia for tubes won't allow me to consider one. Also, the human voice on only the finest units, approach a good tubed tuner.

My Mac MR71 is a daily driver and doesn't disappoint.
What about the Canuck Company that still puts out a great product
which is better looking than anybody else tuner? Tube? Not sure about that. 
Believe it or not, kenwood made some excellent tuners. Sansui, Accuphase are my favs. I’d also like to try a McIntosh or marantz tube tuner. 
I also think highly of the Sansui Tuners. well I do have a upgraded TU 717. 
If I could afford any tuner it would be the Sansui TU X1 I've heard one once and have been lusting after one since but they go for stupid money now. 
Kenwood tuners are world class as well, if I remember the L02t or something like that was king of Kenwood tuners. some (not me)  think better then the Sansui's. 
I can't believe anyone would listen to FM radio to begin with.  Why would you do this?  I thought everyone in this discussion group were true audiophiles.  I am new to this.  I hate FM music stations and I am now streaming TIDAL in my car.
Well, there still a few independent non commercial FM stations. In the Sacramento area we have a wonderful classical station. In the evening they play jazz. I listen every morning in my office with my first cup of coffee. I have two T-101's, the other one is in my main system.
FM radio is for me , not the best for hearing high-end music. If you say that the accuphase sounds, natural,in the depht,Instruments separared....maybe for you,it can be...but for me is this listening to music when you do anything at home... but for “pure,intensive listening”? Not my thing. Streaming is better, but not as good as a high-end cd-player:Luxman D-06,GamuT cd-3, Audio Note CDT one (with dac) Ear acute Classic ,audio research ref .cd9 cd/dac. The problem is:when you put a good recording cd in it: it sounds great, a bad recording :bad. FM-radio : almost always sounds good, but holographic?: no way. Very good tuners are: Burmester 978, Perreaux TU3,Philips 6731...and the Accuphase T100 is good stuff.
The signal over Jazz 88.5 in Minneapolis is better than any CDP under a
thousand bucks . Perhaps because their Tascams cost a lot more than that .PBS Classical will stand up with any 500 $ CDP .
Both stations have superb plays lists !
According to 2018 Nielson Jazz 88 has the largest audience share of ANY jazz station
in the USA and it is as holographic as the recording is . Owned by , believe it or not , by the Minneapolis School Board .
I owned a Accu back in the day , my English MYRYAD is for all intents and purposes , about the same .
Hi ketchup,
Most of my experience was with Magnum Dynalab, however, I recently saw a Sequerra for sale.  Don't remember where but it would have been A'gon, Audiomart or EBay.   It is supposed to the best tuner ever made.
Hi again ketchup.  Day Sequerra tuner for sale on US Audiomart.  Pricey, but it supposed to the best.

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If you like your Accuphase T100 then there is no reason to shop for others.  It is truly one of the great tuners.  FM broadcasts that do more than MP3 quality are almost gone, and damn few even measure up to that low bar.  Anyone that still lives near a station that is doing live broadcasts is extremely fortunate.  There are several really great tuners around.  Someone mentioned the Sequerra, that is the best AFAIK.  It is a legacy from the Marantz 10B, which Sequerra designed and which sunk the company because Saul Marantz was a moral man and spent all his money fixing the bugs.  A properly working 10B is a great tuner BTW as are the successor Marantz 20A and 20B that came out after Superscope bought the company.  Kenwood made some really great tuners, look for a 600T.  Someone mentioned Sansui, their 900 series tuners, but all their tuners really are outstanding.  Someone else mentioned Tandberg, these are wonderful tuners one and all and can be serviced still by Soundsmith.  McIntosh MR71, 74, 77, 78, 88 are all great tuners.  My personal tuner is an MR78 recently refurbished and modded by Richard Modafferi (I probably murdered the spelling of his name), who is the designer of it.  Someone else mentioned Perreaux TU3, we  have one of these in daily service too, and it is a nice little tuner that my wife likes particularly well.  We should all say Kaddish for FM, even if you're not a jew.  It is a great loss to civilization what has happened to FM.  It is a shadow of what it once was.  This is a short list of tuners that I know personally from having been in the business once upon a time.  There are others I am sure.  Also, the astute reader will observe that my list includes both tube and solid state tuners.  I make no apologies.
I've owned the T-100, the Sansui 717, Magnum Dynacrap 101, Macintosh MR71, and several others.  I stopped years ago with the finest fm stereo tuner ever made- the Marantz 10b.  Then the finest mono fm tuner- the REL Precedent and finally, the best Am mono tuner- the Fisher AM-80.  I would add that the tuner sections found in the Fisher 400/500C receivers and the Marantz 18 are commendable...
I was listening to a song in my car through my Harmon Kardon system and then streamed the same song using TIDAL.  I could not believe how much this song sounded using TIDAL.  You may as well buy a pair of $200,000 speakers and put some pillows in front of the speakers so they sound as muffled as possible.  Since when does an audiophile listen to their system using an FM tuner.  You have to be kidding me.
Thanks to everyone with the great recommendations!  I've heard about some unfamiliar tuners and appreciate the comparisons between others I have heard of.  I look forward to hearing some more from those who know what's going on!
Sorry, I got prematurely cut off. 
The 4 th is a Mitsubishi DA-F20.

They rank in my opinion in the order I’ve stated - the MR 67 having  clearly the best sound, tubey warm midrange, great death and clearly the winner when it stays on station; the accuphase is the best in terms of reception accuracy but has a leaner sound; the Sansui TU-9900 is not far behind the in all respects and the Mitsubishi a class below the other 3, but nothing to sneeze at.

i have also,owned a Magnum Dynalab 108 and a Sansui TU-919,
but preferred my top 3 to all the others, with the Macintosh MR 67,exquisitely tuned by Audioclassics, still the undisputed king. 

But I would love to try the Marantz 10b........
I own 4 tuners:
1. Macintosh MR 67
2. Accuphase T 100
3. Sabsui T 9900
4. Mitsubishi DA-F20

They rank in this order, with the MR 67 being by far the most appealing in terms of sound: the warm midrange, the depth and soundstage are superior, even if the Accupahse and Sansui beat it in tuning accuracy. The Accupahse has a leaner midrange and is quite noticeably a little more sterile, but I was perfectl6 happy with both the Accupahse and Sansui until I heard the MR 67, exquisitely tuned by Audioclassics. 
Either my IPad or Agon is deleting texts, so I apologize for all the duplications!,

please edit, editors:)
Got to admit I love the sound of my Sansui TU717 tuner. I mean, I did many years ago, after all I don't want anyone to think FM tuners are passe and of not 'audiophile'
Got some tuners also . I bought in this order :
  1. Ion System (Obelisk) FMT1. 
  2. Naim NAT101
  3. Naim NAT01
  4. Sequerra FM Ref
  5. Tandberg 3001A
  6. Leak Troughline with stereo decoder
  7. Quand FM4
  8. Naim NAT01 again
Sequerra can be considered the best of all (for me in ly home and system). It has all : selectivity easy to feed and real sound. Built like a Tank.

Finally sold it for geeting some money for another project.

By a short distance the NAT01 a very close second. Except that you need a good antenna. Sold it also and it was a big mistake.

After trying Tandberg (very good), I got the Leak witch was great for tone and voices but still noisy even with my roof antenna and seviced by London Sound in England.

Tandberg is a beautiful girl on a glassy paper. It doesn’t have the human factor that touches me (but that’s me). Everything is near perfect (bass, highs, image, sensitivity and selectivity, silence) but never raised goosebumps like the the first 4 can do on a live concert of classical music.
Quad is good but clearly not in the same league.

Ion System is lovely. Can be considered a little Naim. 

For the best are

2- Nat01
3- Nat101
4- Ion System FMT1
5- Tandberg 3001A
6- Leak Troughline
7- Quad FM4

Back to the Nat01 now and very happy with it. Some can perfectly have different tastes. This is just for me. I listen only classical music and my electronics are with tubes.
I’ve owned the following fm tuners:
Accuphase T-100, T-109V, T-1100
Sansui TU-717
Kenwood 600T
For the money I really liked the Sansui TU-717, that would be my recommendation. 
Here is my 2c:
1. Davidson Roth
2.Sequerra FM-1
3. Day Sequerra Ref
4. Marantz 10b
5. Mcintosh ME 78 with MPI-4
6. Yamaha CT-7000
Thanks for a really cool discussion. Unfortunately I grew up and still live in Fresno . So I lost interest in FM long ago . My last dedicated tuner was a Dynaco FM 3 fully serviced ( tubes and alignment ) by a local shop . I then used Sansui and Marantz receivers with a dedicated roof antenna  . So my I ask , Were the dedicated tuners of the same brands I had , significantly better than the big receivers ? Cheers , Mike. 
I Have a Accuphase t-100 and I enjoy it very much. Very quiet great sound.

I like to switch back and forth to a (tube 6922) Magnum Dynalab 90T tuner.

I enjoy the tube tone of the Dynalab.
I like them both.  

Both units are hooked up with Magnum Dynalab antennas. 

I must say that the tube tone is hard to beat.  really nice.
I just purchased a T-100 having owned an McIntosh MR77, Scott 310E, Scott 310 +335, Scott 370B, Sony XDR-F1HD (full mods by XDRGuy) and a Mitsubishi DA-F20.  The T-100 beats them all for sound-hands down.

Among the tuners I have owned, only the XDR-F1HD is more sensitive and selective but is not as good sound wise.

The 310E (Foster Blair restoration) has a great 3D sound and is surprisingly sensitive but does not have the bass of the T-100 in my system. This may be due to the fact that, like many tube components, the Scott likes a high input impedance (100K+ as noted in their service bulletin) and my Benchmark preamp is 47K so bass may be attenuated in my particular system.

The DA-F20 has an engaging sound too but mine is in need of alignment so unfair to compare.

MR77 (Modafferi restored in 2004 and I no longer own) sounded very good but I do not recall having the 3D soundstage to the T-100.

The T-100 soundstage is just amazing to my ears in that it truly feels like it's bringing you closer to a live performance. The mids are not too forward or recessed and highs are clear without sibilance. It has richest bass I have ever heard from a tuner. Leans slightly warm but never fuzzy...

The built quality is also exceptional. 

I can't stop listening to it. Hard for me to imagine how subsequent Accuphase tuners improved on this sound. I am selling my other tuners.