Update on Audiogon Member Almarg

I have some very sad news and information to share.

Al ( @almarg ), through his wife Margaret, asked me to post the following...

{"The attached letter to you was dictated at his bedside to me earlier today. I hope I got his words down precisely as he desired."}

"Unfortunately Al has an extremely aggressive form of Mantle Cell Lymphoma coupled with a mutation of gene TP53 (known as tumor suppressor gene). He has received outstanding advanced treatment with the latest and greatest chemo drugs at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale in New Haven. Unfortunately it appears that he only has a few weeks to live.

Please feel free to post a substantive update [on Audiogon]. He has not been able to do that because of his condition. Please indicate that he has enjoyed solving problems, researching others,’ and learning a good deal himself while developing his answers.

He and I wish everyone all the best of health and success in audio endeavors, in that order.

Al [and Margaret]

September 9, 2020"

I will post my very personal response tomorrow.
I am saddened beyond words to learn of this.  Nothing I could possibly write could be adequate to express my sorrow.  May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace, my friend. 
I’m shocked and saddened at this posting. My prayers are out to Al and his family. My favorite postings to read on this forum were always his insightful and informative contributions. No other member here has or will come close to the respect he has garnered here from me and I am sure most , if not all, of the Audiogon community.  I can only hope and pray for a miraculous reversal.
Sending Al deep gratitude for being the best kind of audio mensch in these parts.  Always gracious, always smart, always wearing his tech knowledge lightly and modestly. I learned a lot from your many wise posts. Best wishes to you and yours. See you on the other side.
We all hold Al in the highest order on this forum. Al, your more than helpful and elequently written posts are always priceless! The archives are chock-full of your wisdom for future use by all. Everything will be good and bless "Marg".
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I always have enjoyed reading Al's posts and admired the grace with which he shared his wisdom. Thank you Al. God bless you.
Terribly sad news.  What a gentleman Al is, and always was when he offered his invaluable knowledge and advise.   A real class act.  My thoughts and prayers to you and your family, Al.  God bless.
Grace and peace for his family and Godspeed thru the gates Al :-) you are the model for helpful knowledgeable and the quest for more.
“There’s a Yiddish word, seychel ....... It means to pursue knowledge and to leave the world a better place than when you entered it….”

A total shock. Al is always a civilizing and expert force on the forums. Thanks for your research and legacy Al. Prayers go out.
I can't begin to find the words to express how deeply I am saddened by learning of this illness to one of the, if not the finest gentleman to grace this large forum.
I can only pray for the best.
Thanks for the update, David. This is crushing news. Everyone who has been around here for any length of time knows what Al has meant to this forum and what a friend he has been to countless audiophiles for such a long time. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but I have reached out to him many times over the years anytime I had a question and needed an expert opinion. Al always took great care in providing detailed and very clear explanations anytime I asked, and we all know that he has been the go-to person in this forum for such questions for many years. Additionally, in a time when public discourse has become almost unbearably strident and confrontational, Al has always been the consummate gentleman, even on those rare occasions when someone challenged him on some point. He's that rare person whose vast knowledge is exceeded only by his kindness and boundless generosity. His contributions here have made this an infinitely better place. Prayers for comfort and peace, Al (and Margaret). Thanks for everything.
I wish that I could find words that are as eloquent as those in the preceding posts, but I don't think it's necessary; it was all well said and true.
All that I can add is that I had many learning moments and great advice from this kind and generous man, and he is one of the rare people that I have met in my life that makes me proud to be a human being.
Thank You for everything Al. I will always remember you.
This is very sad news, indeed. Al was the gentleman's gentleman, always ready to help and advise those in search of a better solution. He was gracious and responded so, going the extra mile to make sure he never offended, and always taking the high road. 
He seemed adverse to acrimony, to a fault, which is sorely missing here, and a reminder of gentler times, which I now miss more than ever. 
It took awhile for Al to open up to the facts of his background and education as he never deigned to "lord" over others and only did so when challenged by some schmo.
I hope his passing goes gently despite his prognosis and that the tough parts are over. This is the last place that should hold his attention as I'm sure he has more family and friends than most could want and they deserve to hold his focus as he passes.
My thoughts are with him and his family.

All the best,
Al could always be counted on for great advice delivered in a thoughtful and considerate way. How great could this place be if more people behaved like him? Best wishes to Al and his loved ones in a truly trying time.
Al - you have been a rock and a model here on audiogon. Much loved and much appreciated. Words cannot express.  
I learned to listen and heed the words of certain individuals here on "Audiogon", a good while ago. With, "Al", of course, being one of those few whom I always looked to further my knowledge about audio and related subjects. Many come here to "Audiogon", seeking the same as I. And there are many places to look for a place to hang our hat, relax and as, "Audiophiles", share a bit as we also learn something new from those whom share our passion.. But it was and is this, "Core", of people like, "Mr. Almarg", that had us stop here and look around a bit more than the "other", places available. And then join. Always with a kind word and a sage's advice, his honest experience and intelligent conversation are a large part of why I and soo many others of like mind. Come here and then join this, "Audiogon". 
 Sad as I am by this news. Only the thought of "Almarg", getting his wings may cheer me even a bit right now..
So that he may then ascend.
For I am sure that music like no other, awaits him.
I'll see you on the other side, "Al".
     R. Scott O.
Dear Al,
In the light of things, it seems that we need a miracle -- so that is what I will wish for and pray for.

Your voice here is one of reason and maturity, not to mention the interesting and precise information you provide.
Be well Al, you have my thoughts and prayers from afar.
I am so saddened to hear this news. Al has been in my thoughts since he stopped posting on the forum. His kind
words along with his advice made his contribution so valuable.
I was lucky enough to get to know him a little bit offline, not only talking tech, but sharing in our love of classical music.

Sweet dreams, Al. And heartfelt best wishes to Margaret.

I am very upset and saddened about this news. These posts will never be the same without the invaluable knowledge that Al brought to them. A true gentleman and he will be surely missed by all. My best wishes to you and his family!
This is very sad news - Al has long been one of the good guys in this group. He was always knowledgeable, courteous and detailed in his contributions. We can only wish him the best.
While I have an inability to understand electrical theory, I always eagerly read every post that Al writes. His posts always provide more than just guidance on audio matters, they provide intangible insights into how we can be our best.

I wish to echo all the beautiful things his friends have said above. Thank you for blessing us with your presence. Best wishes to you and your family.
Al, I have  very much enjoyed our online friendship. I invite you and Margaret to know the Lord Jesus. My sister and I lost our father yesterday, but as Chritians we anticipate resurrection and reunion.  If you or Margaret wish to discuss this privately further, I will be honored to. If you do not, I will understand.  

I pray specifically that you and Margaret share deep, profound love at this time, that you are able to say goodbye in person to all you desire, and that you are kept from immense pain in dying.  

Thank you for being a model of kindness and intellectual integrity here.

God be with you, Margaret and family. 
I have also thoroughly enjoyed reading Al's comments and suggestions as well as private emails. Men like Al don't come along very often and I will forever be grateful for his knowledge that he was willing to share with all of us.
Sad news indeed. AL has been a gentleman and always shared his insights in a thoughtful and respectful way.
Al is one of the finest human beings who's ever logged onto the internet.  I think there's no better word to describe him than *gracious.*  The man is possessed of grace.
I can't count the number of times I've scrolled through long threads on Audiogon only stopping at the almarg posts to help me separate the wheat from the chaff.  His contributions were always informative.  But, more importantly, they displayed a profound decency that exemplified all that can be good in our hobby.  @almarg, you will be sorely missed.
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He is a most generous participant in these forums.  I only assume he is like this in other spheres of his life.  A true gentleman.
Al I learned a lot from reading your posts. You have a gift my friend in your ability to convey to the reader your thoughts, experiences, on a subject without talking over their heads but rather in a way the reader can easily understand. You will be missed my friend.
 My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

I am deeply saddened by the news. I learned a great deal in many one on one interactions with Al. It was always a pleasure dealing with such a kind and generous man, I am going to miss him a lot.

All I can I say, thank you from bottom of my heart for your unlimited wisdom and above all your grace. My prayers are with you and Margaret, Godspeed my friend!
I sadly have not had any personal interactions with Al. However, I am going to to miss the knowledge and reasoning of Al. This forum will be forever changed. May the Lord comfort Al,and his family and friends. 
A total class act who's thoughtful and knowledgeable responses have made this forum a better place. He is a wellspring of information on all things audio, much more so than most, especially including me.

+1 to all that has been said. Al represented the best in all of us. I will truly miss Al's presence on this forum. 
 Hoping the Lord grants you a miracle Al. Rest easy knowing you are a credit to your race. God bless.
This is gut-wrenching. I don't think I've ever shed a tear about audio before. Except when I sheared the diamond off my rare Garrett Bros Decca by not locking the armrest. Al has always been a gentleman on this forum. Not only because he is a kind and generous soul, but because he knows his stuff. He never gets ruffled by bombast and conjecture. He is the real deal. The fresh air of knowledge and wisdom. There is no disputing the facts, especially as his explanations are thorough and written in a manner us mere mortals can comprehend. Al, we will miss you. Godspeed.
Al has been an inspiration to all of us in the forums.  His knowledge of audio equipment and the electronics behind them was second to none.  I will miss Al a great deal and I offer you comfort and prayers in these most trying times. 
Al was a gem.  Barring a miracle, this forum will be greatly diminished by his absence.  I hope he will indeed accept douglas_schroeder's offer.  My sympathy to his family.
The "Man" among men in this forum. And a even greater person to all who know him.

Gos's peace to you, Al and Margaret
Al has long been Audiogon’s go to source for answers and an example of how to behave like a gentleman on this or any forum. What a shock.  I pray for you Al. I have always had great respect for you Al. I am not sure how to put into words my feelings for you and your wife.  Your voice of reason and professional manner have always been a breath of fresh air in a forum that desperately needed your wise example. 

So sorry to hear this news. Al represents the very best of this hobby and the Audiogon forum. Always there with sage advice, given with humility and civility. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and know you are loved and admired by all who visit this space. 
My heart with his family....My prayers to them...

I remember reading some of his last post.....

A true class act.  The biggest reason I have stayed around this site over the years. 
God bless Al and his family.