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Just put the Axxess Noir Resonance control feet under my X3's and all I can say is WOW!!
I use the GAIA II under my GE Triton Refs and it was a game changer for me as well.    
Looking for a tube preamp that has xlr outputs.
Rogue RP7 fits the bill.  May be doable near your limit if you look for a used one.  They are very quiet.   
Audiogon web site is slow for me......
Very slow for me this week as well.  Perhaps the extreme heat is causing Audiogon’s servers to be slow?  
Whats playing on your system today?
@curiousjim,  thank you so much for the kind words.  My problem is I have so much music, I can never decide what to play. Most times I just get lazy and end up listening to FM stereo all day.    
Yamamoto HSA-01 headshell/head amp
@rauliruegas .  It was a spur of the moment post as I thought the gain amplifier was part of the SPU and did not know that it was an Ortofon product.  I thought everyone made them at one time or another.  
Yamamoto HSA-01 headshell/head amp
@dover  Your sarcasm is terrible, do better  
Yamamoto HSA-01 headshell/head amp
@lewm   I asked because you were talking about a gain stage inside the headshell and I thought that was what a SPU may be, so I asked to be sure.  Sorry if my question upset you.   
McIntosh tube upgrade - worthwhile?
I am using Gold Lion 12AX7 tubes in the phono section of my Mac C2500 preamp.  The other four tubes are the stock JJ McIntosh branded tubes.  The Gold Lion tubes gave my vinyl a slightly richer sound.  I bought them from Uncle Kevin at Upscale Aud... 
Yamamoto HSA-01 headshell/head amp
Can someone please tell me what a SPU cartridge is?  I know it comes mounted on a headshell but what am I missing?  
What is your front end ?
My front end consists of a Technics SL1200G with a Shure V15 Type4 cartridge with a Jico stylus, Sony Music server, Esoteric SACD player and a McIntosh tuner.  I use the McIntosh tuner the most, followed by the Esoteric SACD player.  
Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables
Canare 4S11, you are welcome.  
How To Use DAC in my McIntosh C2600 Preamp?
You can connect a DAC to the Sony.  With all the firmware updates, you can connect a DAC or an extra hard drive.   The DAC in the C2600 is nothing special, I have the same in my C2500 and have it connected to my Esoteric SACD player. The ESS chip ... 
Audio Research SP16 vs Conrad Johnson PV15
Not a CJ preamp but I owned on of their solid state amps, a CJ MF2250.  Dull, lifeless, no boggie factor.  I sold it at a fire sale price because I was disgusted with it. All it was driving were the 2 midrange and 1 tweeter in my GE T Refs and it ... 
Kenwood Trio L-05M
I could not get the amps to sound good with my Rectilinear 7 speakers which were quite easy to drive.   
Kenwood Trio L-05M
I owned the L-07M back in the later 70’s as I was a Kenwood dealer and got 50% off the retail price.  I did not like them and sold them.  I went back to my GAS Son of Ampzilla which I loved and I am still sorry I sold it to this day.