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Why I sold my Magnepan .7's
rankaudio, there is only so much that can be done to focus a panel speaker. It will always retain the characteristic splayed soundstage and center image. It will not replicate the wave launch of a dynamic speaker. You can get some more focusing of... 
Why I sold my Magnepan .7's
"I find it very difficult to believe"  A set of cables can typically influence a system as much as a component change. It is fairly easy to have a system get cleaned up in terms of resolution by switching out a brand of cables. There are striking... 
What are in these Bose speakers anyways
What is in a Bose speaker? A bunch of spiders. Seriously!   
System psychology, or just psyched out?
The thread rises, back from the dead 14 years later, and still as inconsequential a question.  :(    
Gratitude and Thanksgiving
Blessed Thanksgiving to all!  :)  
Why I sold my Magnepan .7's
As a reviewer I believe I am prohibited from posting the link. The few times I tried, my post was deleted. So, now I discuss it and you have to do a search such as "doug schroeder dagogo magnepan .7" and it will come up.   
Why I sold my Magnepan .7's
If anyone wishes, they can read my review of the .7 at       
The Most Philosophical Song You Ever Heard
Roxy54, I haven't listened to radio/station for  a decade.    
Sonus Faber surprise
So, it wasn’t the speakers? Imagine that! ;) Emiliop, congratulations on your discovery. Yes, you are learning that within reason, i.e. operation limits, every variable is to be tried. Gain switches can be very effective in contouring the sound. ... 
Wilson Audio Sabrina X Reviewed ! WOW
As the speaker discussed here is unattainable to the vast majority of hobbyists, truly a 1% product when the entirety of the system is considered, I offer an alternative for those in a different socioeconomic strata. Feel free to read my review of... 
Amp for the Warefdale Evo
I recently acquired a second hand set of Wharfedale Opus 2-M2 Bookshelf speakers that I very much enjoy. Noting that the Evo uses a similar, but smaller, soft dome midrange, I would have some confidence recommending the superb Legacy i.V2 (which I... 
Sonus Faber surprise
emiliop, yes, of course you are getting adjsted to their sound. Speakers do not appreciably change their sound with use. We adapt to their performance. As you get used ot their sound the acoustic memory of the other will fade and you will increasi... 
Sonus Faber surprise
Have some fun with it and learn something in the process by conducting my Imbalanced System Test. Only run 1 speaker for 100 hours as though breaking it in again. Then, play them both. Suppposedly because the one is not broken in the sound should ... 
Interesting observations
Not surprised the handshake issue was the cable. Every so often I have an incompatibility issue with signal integrity with any given cable. I have not been able to absolutely isolate it to one cable. There is simply a possiblty that with any given... 
My new VTV Audio Class D amp arrived today
Another example of what I stated broadly in my review of the Legacy Audio i.V4 Ultra (class D) Amp review; the other classes are dead, defeated. The discrepancies in sound quality have been addressed through improvement of class D and now it is th...