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Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
A good composition well performed is far more important than the recording quality, IMO.  This thread gives me some insight as to why some people are always "upgrading" and why they have such strong sonic preferences.  I wish them luck.  
New preamp or up grade my cartridge and or phono amp?
What are you trying to achieve with any proposed "upgrade"?  The Rega setup you have is very balanced and a good performer.  To do significantly better would require a substantial investment.  But that would then trigger a new preamp and probably ... 
@rvpiano the dealer thinks you're a total idiot.  You can either prove him wrong or confirm his opinion.  You don't have a quandary!  A quandary implies a difficult decision and this is not.  
When was the last time when serious new instrument was invented ?
Pedal steel guitar, synths, electric piano, clavinet and Hammond/Leslie organ.  
Great song by the Clash
Big Audio Dynamite's debut is actually my favorite "Clash" album. Besides, the Clash are street trash --    
Great song by the Clash
From "Black Market Clash"    
Unplugging power cords from amps/ pre amps
I don't unplug anything when there's a thunderstorm.  Does anyone unplug all the electronics in their house -- the well pump, HVAC, fridge, microwave, washer/dryer, etc...?  A direct hit, well If you're really unlucky, then you're really unlucky a... 
Leaving tube amps on.
If high power tube amplifiers are as hazardous as outlined in several post above, then how come they are not banned in the state of California? Worrying about tube seems a little strange.  You knowingly purchased and expensive amplifier with a la... 
Solar flares are here, everyone unplug your dryer!
The book makers in Vegas wager that he's a bot.  Last I looked the odds were 25 or 6 to 4.  
Can you tell the difference between a $200 and a $200,000 guitar?
Just don't give the expensive one to Kurt Russell.  
Need to replace my Sonic Frontiers Power 3's
I would take the effort to find out what needs to be fixed before deciding on a replacement.  
Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?
@ghdprentice +1  
Can a power amp have too much power, risking damage to a speaker?
Amplifiers can damage loudspeakers with too much sustained high power.  If you treat your loudspeaker's voice coils as if they were a fuse, they will eventually fail.  Use some common sense.   
Should we care if a piece of equipment comes from a pet-free, kid-free, smoke-free home?
As an elite eastern university graduate I was taught to banish ignorance with reason.  Alas, I have found that open discussion only makes some wrap their ignorance more tightly around themselves.  Extremism in the defense of extremism is a vice.  
Listening position/speaker position
I think it was Audio Physics that recommended a similar loudspeaker/listener setup.  Have the loudspeakers along the long axis of the room spaced widely apart with the listener within a foot of the rear wall.  It was offered to maximize image widt...