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Half-Speed Masters - are they worth double dipping?
@elliottbnewcombjr I try to stick with 45’s pressings as they are generally sound better than 33’s. Having said that, I found some phenomenal sounding records on 33’s. Anything with wraps, noisy pressing went back to retailers either for refund ... 
聖HIJIRI Users thread
“the break/burn in time” 250-300 hours  
Another Aurender Upgrade Question
I believe you’re better off with N150 over N10. The newer generation players from Aurender are more dynamic and detailed over older generations. But then again, if you’re only listening to Internet radio then I wouldn’t change a thing.   
New Review on AricAudio amplifier & speakers
@teajay It’s all good, the best or ultimate is very subjective and has a direct correlation with one’s affordability….kinda like, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and vice versa.  
New Review on AricAudio amplifier & speakers
Anything with “ultimate” in the title or description gives me a pause….as if there’s such thing in audio 😊  
Aurender A200 vs N200
Another vote for N200. Not only it’s a better streamer but a streamer only ‘box’ allows higher performance with an outboard DAC and flexibility to tailor your sound.   
SnubWay Question Thread
@uncola  Looking forward to your feedback.   
Digital LP’s
“Has anyone noticed that LP’s made from digital sources don’t sound as good as actual CDs.” Not true entirely…MoFi fiasco proved that records made from digital files not only sounds great but also indistinguishable from records made from master t... 
New Accuphase Amplifier Experience
@westcoastaudiophile I am using 1.5M lengths on all of my PC’s. I could get away with 1.0M but extra .05M really helps with routing them away from signal cables. No issues with connectors, the PC’s are strategically terminated with custom-made r... 
Ethernet cables
+1, @audphile1  The effectiveness of LAN filters largely depends on the implementation of Ethernet in your streamer and home network. I’ve used tested few of these add-on filters including iSilencer, iSO-Cat7 and Net Isolator ahead of N20 or N30S... 
Ethernet cables
I am with @audphile1…you can try LinkUp Cat 8 cables from Amazon. I don’t think you would hear any appreciable difference with Node 2i.   
New Accuphase Amplifier Experience
@jfrmusic  You can buy Zavfino and Audio Envy cables direct from their website.  HIJIRI cables are sold exclusively by Colin @gestalt in Nashville.   
New Accuphase Amplifier Experience
@donquichotte  Consider HIJIRI SM2R-L "SOUND MATTER" Power Cord at nearly half the price of TAKUMI. Under $1K, check out Zavfino or Audio Envy.    
New Accuphase Amplifier Experience
@jfrmusic  I own E-650 and using a Hijiri "TAKUMI" Maestro Power Cord.   
New Accuphase Amplifier Experience
You nailed the Accuphase sound! The upstream components are equally important and you have certainly chosen wisely with N20 and MSB. I can easily see this beautiful system as your end game. Enjoy!  PS: I am using aftermarket power cord and it com...