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Anyone know of a good hi-fi store in Nasheville TN?
Gestalt Audio.  Colin King is just a great guy and complete gentleman.  Just need to call ahead of time to confirm a best time and type of gear/music you are interested in.    https://gestalt.audio    
Spatial Audio Raven Preamp
Wonderful! Have my eye on the preamp!   
Spatial Audio Raven Preamp
Impressive build and handling of the important details. Thank you for such a detailed answer. I’m very impressed with the quality and design of these products as well as the transparency and comprehensiveness of the responses. You and Larry are to... 
Spatial Audio Raven Preamp
This question may have been covered, but I have not seen it.  Is the preamp part to part wired? Combo of circuit boards and PTP wiring? Are the tube sockets mounted to circuit boards?  Most interesting product and thread.        
Actual listening experience with Devore and wolf Von langa
Hi Scott,  I just responded to your message so take a look.  Yes, the WVL Sons will energize and load your room with no problem at all.  They are a fantastic speaker for your sized room.  My first room with them was larger than yours and they soun... 
Duelund DCA16GA
Typically if running a low powered SET amplifier and high efficiency speakers, the 16 gauge would be preferred. Especially if your runs are under 10 feet.  In general the sonic difference between the two is the 12 gauge will give you a little mor... 
What is your experience with LiveVibe Audio Points?
Yes.  I love them! Best I have used and replaced the much more expensive Townshend products.  They help all areas of music reproduction from top to bottom.  Clarity is fantastic as is bass reproduction and imaging.   
20 Years?
22+ years and how time flies and things change!     
Another post about a streamer upgrade
I find the streamer can make a very big difference if you also have a great dac and overall system. I own the Tron Atlantic Sig dac and after hearing several streamers in my system priced from $1200 to $7900 I can confidently say streamers matter ... 
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
Oh yes the Dude preamp! I miss mine also. I had a fully tricked out one that Paul helped me to upgrade.   
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
@ghdprentice   Great comment. You may find the initial change in sound is interesting and new, but it may not be your longer term preference. Give it a few weeks. I have found this to be true on several occasions over the years. You may end up ... 
High End System Building. How important is the matching, cabling and room? Thoughts ?
Acoustic truth does care about not introducing noise into the environment you wish to place treatments and embeddings. I am referring to signal noise that smears, perverts, and masks the audio signal. So the gear and tweaks audiophiles buy certain... 
High End System Building. How important is the matching, cabling and room? Thoughts ?
Well @mahgister I agree with many of your points, but I sense you take your perspective too far and diminish other experiences and audio realities to severely.  
High End System Building. How important is the matching, cabling and room? Thoughts ?
@calvinj Absolutely understand your perspective and personal experience. Well matched gear, including cabling, is another key to sonic bliss. It’s so interesting to me how a well chosen cable, in a position or two, can help snap a system into a ... 
High End System Building. How important is the matching, cabling and room? Thoughts ?
@mahgister, I certainly see the wisdom and truth of your statement below… “But this truth of mine is not a "good news" for most people ... Because most will never enjoy this fact ...Then it is not an appealing truth ...It is better to believe the...