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RMAF 2021 Cancelled
Major bummer.  RMAF was the best weekend of my year.  Many thanks to Marjorie for bringing so many good things to so many people for so long.  She's amazing. 
What Does Ayre Sound Like?
Ayre is the only solid-state amplification manufacturer that has always pleased these tube-loving ears.  The house sound has a warmth or a wetness that I really dig. 
How many of you are digital only systems?
I got into the hobby about 10 years ago.  I had a CD collection and nary a record.  So instead of splitting my budget I went all-digital.  The best playback I have ever heard was at @mikelavigne's house, and it was vinyl.  But that's a rather diff... 
Do you have a "Music" Friend?
Now that we're all vaxxed and waxed, had a great session over here with Mr. @zephyr24069 last week.  So good to be able to share some listening with a fellow sound.  We all spend so much time listening in solitude, it's refreshing to share your en... 
Why are Ayon tube amps not mentioned very often?
I bought a used Ayon Spirit III a year and a half ago, and I love it.  Best amp I've ever had by a mile. 
Life of a PS Audio PowerPlant??
That's great to hear, Mike.My PPP has seen daily use for a decade now, with no issues whatsoever. 
What Makes your System Special?
I think my 30 year-old speakers are kinda special.   They still sing, and their looks still set my heart aflutter. 
I'm loving Sunlight!  It's a new DAC.  Hearing snappier transients, purer (leaner?) bass, more cleanness and general transparency, slightly more energy from the upper mids to the highs.Soundstage came forward about four feet.I've never had a probl... 
PS Audio Perfectwave vs Directstream DAC
I upgraded my PWD II to the DSD, and it really, really was an enormous improvement.  (I used the Bridge II with both.)  I was pretty darn happy with the PWD, but the DSD is in another league. 
PS Audio Perfectwave transport still good?
I would bet that the upgrade you just made in DACs would be orders of magnitude bigger than what's possible from the proposed upgrade in transports. 
How loud are you typically listening?
I'm happiest with program average 75-80 dB and peaks around 83-85. 
Help Me Name a New Band
Funny to see this thread come back.Baffle played about five shows in Chapel Hill before it kinda petered out.  Right as the pandemic started I finally joined a band here in Greenville.  It's called...Wait for it...Hot Yoga! 
Audio repair near Greenville South Carolina
Yes on Cherry Vintage.  It's just the kind of place you'd hope it to be. 
Audio repair near Greenville South Carolina
You gotta go see Don Jones Stereo on Laurens Rd. 
Do you have a "Music" Friend?
Good thread.  I count myself lucky to have a small handful of friends who will come over and sit and listen.  A couple are live-music buddies who are also content to enjoy the hi-fi, and a couple are stereo nerds here in town.  We've all been send...