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Audio Research versus McIntosh tube amps: anyone experience or compare both?
I agree with Docknow. The Audio Research Ref 150 was the best value in audio I have ever had.  Great bass, sweet but detailed midrange and accurate highs. I recommend finding a used one. I currently have the Ref 160 Mk 2 mono amps which are 15% be... 
Andrew Singer Of "Sound by Singer" passed away yesterday
I’ve always had good experiences with Dave at Stereo Exchange. I would buy from him or his crew anytime. Andy was not as friendly but he was always attentive to my needs and usually pointed me in the right direction re purchases. The same went for... 
Andrew Singer Of "Sound by Singer" passed away yesterday
Andy knew his audio and was a very bright man. I always enjoyed talking with him--although if we talked long enough he could usually convince me to spend more and get better. I was sorry to see his downtown store close but I did manage to purchase... 
Advice needed on upgrading tonearm for VPI SCOUTMASTER
I preferred the standard wire sound to the reference wire which is Nordost. Don't assume that the reference wire is better just because it costs more. It is a different flavor. Do you have the metal arm or 3D printed? The 3D is a pretty big upgra... 
RIP Paul Messenger
Are You a Swifty?
OK. I'm 68 years old and had no opinion about Taylor (other than a feeling that too many teenage girls were fans and how good could that be?). I bought Ryan Adams album "1989" which was his version of her album of the same name. I thought it was e... 
Turntable Isolation
Another vote for Ginko Cloud.   
Beatles CD box set
The 2009 box set is excellent for the British versions (as the Beatles intended). If you grew up listening to the Capitol albums, the Capitol albums box sets vol 1 and 2 are the best (although they do not include A Hard Days Night, Yesterday and ... 
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
An brilliant, articulate, modest gentleman. RIP Tony  
Best Covers
Sinead O'Connor's version of Elton John's "Sacrifice"  
Great speakers!  
Audio Quest Niagara 5000
Do not use a power conditioner with ARC amps. They always sound better directly into the wall outlet.  
Robert Plant
larsman-- agreed on the Page and Plant tour (I saw only 1). Saw Zep live at the Garden in July of 73 and other than being in awe of the Plant and Page charisma, the show was a minor disappointment-- it was only good, not great . Sloppy for sure.  ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Get Yer Ya-Yas Out (first pressing London) Higher Chris Stapleton (Mercury Nashville-great sounding well pressed vinyl)  
Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?
Happened to me where the new version of a high end cable was not as well rounded and musical as the prior much less expensive version.