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Need Advice Asap - Terrible experience with a seller on Reverb (Iso Acoustics Gaia ii)
Crazy how he has nothing but 5 star reviews. When one turns to the dark side...someone has to be the initial encounter.  
Album(s) That Took The Longest To Come Around To
Can’t really think of one example of a song that took me multiple exposures to develop an attraction to. With me it works kind of in reverse. On some occasions if I’m overexposed (in my estimation) to music I previously found acceptable it can bec... 
LAIV Harmony
One size does not fit all. My favorite component is my line stage. I greatly prefer a hot-rodded DAC that possibly sounds slightly superior along with not paying a premium for features I will not be utilizing. I very well could be in the minority ... 
SnubWay Question Thread
@ozzy  Received my Snubway yesterday and listened last night. After an hour and a half of listening without Snubway I plugged it in and listened for about 3 hours repeating a lot of the same recordings. This is only 1st impressions obviously, an... 
You can't afford a Lambo Veneno, so get this..
What's its 0-33 1/3 time?  
OK, the $300 is invested. If you would decide to go ahead with purchasing the Pass amp maybe (if you haven't already) it's a good time to discuss in the unlikely event that you feel the single chassis Pass is not a significant enough improvement ... 
Food: what does the typical audiophile eat?
Wouldn't corn yield the best ears?  
If you had determined on your own that it was time to audition a possible upgrade in amplification, would a 88-pound behemoth have made your short list?  
SnubWay Question Thread
@stevebohnii Delivery timeline projections have not been met. At least that is the case with my pre-order. When it finally does arrive hopefully it's worth the wait. Based on my past experience I believe it will have been.  
What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?
The thing I dislike about our hobby is cleaning contacts. I’ve never kept track of the timeline.  
Cool running, low powered power amp
Something you could experiment with if it’s feasible for your home is to close off less critical air ducts for your listening sessions. This will give all open vents a boost. Might be all you need and you spent nothing but a minute of your time.  
People complain about lack of bass, not enough mid range. Solution?
Very often incomplete or inaccurate room treatments is the culprit.  
Got a message from a "suspended" member
Priced well below market value is classic scammer bait and user suspended. I would move on.  
What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?
Complete specifications.  
PURON RESOLVE creates new options for better sound
@audio_is_subjective  Yes, I saw this post the first time you referenced it. If your concern is why did I have an issue with an early Puron? I spent seven months experimenting with these devices. At that early stage adding another to a specific ...