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Happy Friday gents
 Whats's in the Old Fashioned?  Bourbon, Rye ...?  
Sunday Village vanguard reissue UHQR
 Sounds like a great friend....  
Would like to try a tube preamp after years of solid state and hybrid  
Seeking wisdom - high efficiency, low- to mid-db, music-first speakers
"The result will be a system that outperforms systems costing tens if not hundreds of thousands more, " Holy hyperbole....  
Beautiful Colored Tube Preamp ($10k budget) to Pair w/ Very Accurate Monitors (PSI A25M)
" Warm colored " tube pre amp , look to older CJ...  
Thumper’s Mother
Roxy and uncledemp can both be correct...  
Magnepan 3.7i amp pairing
Used Parasound JC5?  
PSB Stratus Silver
 IMO, $800. is quite optimistic. Those things are over 20 years old. Shoot for the moon, but I think $400 would be the max. Good luck.  
Speaker isolation feed effect
I am very pleased with the improvement the Gaia II brought  
Tube preamp recommendation for a simaudio 760a amplifier
 Ive been using a Simaudio 5.3SE with a Modwright LS100 with great results.  
How many of the musician's in Carlene's band in this video can you name?
 I see a couple of the Heartbreakers ...  
Fuse for Parasound JC 1 monoblock
Parasound couldn't tell you this ???  
Mobile Fidelity Settlement Update
deep-333 calling someone low class, how rich.  
Guess who has new speakers in their lab?
 Who is "he "?  
Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations