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Linlai E 6sn7 tubes
Just wait till they burn in!!!   
Any recent Shinjitsu owners?
I’ve got a pair of Little Hiro. I love them.   
Heavy speakers: How to be able to reposition?
I don’t buy speakers that my wife can’t lift.   
This should be easy but isn't.
Are you looking for a Bluetooth microphone?   
The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change
I find I change things up  every 3-4 months.    
At what point do you...
I almost always buy used. By purchasing used let’s me look at higher end gear. More bang for the buck. Yes,there is usually no warranty,which is the downside. Everyone has a different perspective.    
Differences in YouTube, Spotify, etc.
. I’ve tried Spotify,Tidal, Amazon HD Music,and Qobuz. Qobuz sounds best to me. Spotify has a great library,and has the best interface in my opinion. The sound quality of Spotify is lacking.  Tidal has a decent library,but in side by side comparis... 
Audioquest Hurricane High Current Power Cable on my DAC. That's right!!!
I don’t like sushi. That’s why I don’t participate on sushi forums.   
Accuphase E-5000 factory power cord good enough?
+1 @jl35.  I use after market cabling as well. However,this is really only a decision you, and your ears can make.   
Time, Wear, and Technological Evolution
Ed, that is awesome!  So glad to hear that you’ve hit it out of the park!  It’s remarkable how are ears somewhat adjust to deteriorating crossover parts over the years. We may think our 20 year old equipment sounds as great as the day we brought t... 
list of speakers
That is a pretty cool site! Thanks for all the work that went into it, and thanks for sharing.   
Time, Wear, and Technological Evolution
Well Ed, our tastes and listening levels are about the same. If the wife is out of the house, listening levels are probably around 85db,maybe a tick more. Usually I’m at around 70 db.  My dedicated listening room is small, 9x13x8. Stand mounts and... 
Time, Wear, and Technological Evolution
If you can, go to some hifi shops,and have a listen to what’s out there. You may want to give some details,like room size. What kind of listening do you do? 110 db rock concert levels,or low level listening. In a large room,and concert levels, LS5... 
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
It’s great to hear that some businesses still offer customer service.   
Help Identifying Speakers
The pair referenced above sold for $1300, according to hifi shark.