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Is the idea of audiophile listening a dying concept as boomers die off?
I always thought boomers were the greatest generation being born of parents who fought in WWII and all that went with that. Turns out you can add audiophilia as well as one of the defining qualities. 😄 Snark aside, the same questions were asked w... 
Audiogon web site is slow for me......
I flat out couldn't get on forums for some time until now. Glad to see it's back to normal.    
Audiogon web site is slow for me......
Happens to me once in a great while, reminding me to clear my history, deleting all those cookies.    
Thumper’s Mother
Now let's go out and burn some hot dogs. All the best, Nonoise  
Help with high end bookshelf speakers
Check out the Revival Audio Atalante 3 monitors.  They're responsible for me stopping right where I'm at. I'll only move up to the bigger Atalante 5 if I ever get a bigger place. Designed and made in France, nothing outsourced. The owner was le... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
All the best, Nonoise  
What to do with gear which is beyond repair?
I had a malfuncitoning amp with lots of SMDs, made out of country, that no one wanted to even look at so I gave it to someone who had an interest in fixing it. Sat around for the longest time, staring at me and when I finally off loaded it, I had ... 
Food: what does the typical audiophile eat?
If your body is a barometer for what you eat, mine's a garbage bag.   
Do you past equipment appear in your dreams?
@inna So far.....so good.  
Do you past equipment appear in your dreams?
@tvad 😄👍  
Do you past equipment appear in your dreams?
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  
Looking for comparisons between CD transports
I took a look at your Sonnet Morpheus DAC and noticed it doesn’t have a HDMI i2s input so you don’t need a CDT that has one. Knowing that, I’d like to refer you to this Audiophiliac video from Steve Guttenberg,   He goes onto say that compar... 
Dirty little secret of Pedigreed, decades old Speaker line - no one will address
I hardly think that reading promotional material and divining the attitude of distributors constitutes evidence of any sort.  You mistake what you find “all there easily obtainable in the public sphere” as verified information. Bingo!  
Is there a cheaper alternative to this:
I don't know about the ones the OP speaks of but the Deer Creek Audio stands were made by a local artist near their place and they were constructed of 14 GA powder coated steel filled with a sandstone foam product to deaden them.  They sounded no... 
Is there a cheaper alternative to this:
I had similar stands (Deer Creek Audio) for my JBL 4319s and they worked wonderfully for years until I tried them with the tweeter better aligned with my ears. They were placed on some Wharfedale Litton speaker stands firing straight at me and boy...