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40 years of fitting cartridges to a variety of arms, I'm feeling stumped
Try one of your other cartridges and if it works fine, then there could be something wrong with The Voice. Check the cartridge with a microscope or loupe to see if there is something obvious - if not, send to Soundsmith for inspection. Usually if ... 
Higher Impedance MC Carts on Transimpedance Stages?
Mathematically, current (I) is defined as the Voltage (V) divided by the Resistance (R): I = V/R The current (I) is inversely proportional to the resistance (R) , i.e., the higher the current, the lower the resistance and vice versa, the lower t... 
I can only compare MC and MI's - haven't had the need to try MM's.  I just started listening with the Soundsmith Hyperion Mk 2 ES and I can say that there is some refinement with the MI technology. It has become my favorite cartridge now.  
Phono preamp with multiple inputs?? Suggestions please!!
There's an Audio Research Ref 3 phonostage (in black) for sale at $5500 here (A'gon) - might be worth looking into. It is an excellent phonostage - however, don't get it mixed up with the older Reference 3 which also goes by the same name.  
Wonder Why No Japanese Retippers?
It is considered sacrilegious to revive the dead in Japan - the retippers would have to perform harikari - hence no retippers in Japan.  Arigatou!  
DId you get that paperwork from the IRS about purchasing? over $600.00
@andym23456 - can you provide a link to the information you've cited above?  I'd be interested to read it in more detail.  Thanks in advance.  
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
@lewm - specs at https://www.manley.com/hifi/mshlr  However, there are two numbers listed 50 mV and 93 mV at various dB levels - the 50 mV likely at the lower 50 dB gain.    
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
Per the specs of the Manley Steelhead, the maximum rated input voltage is 50 mV. Your MSL cartridge with a 0.5 mV output is stepped up to 10 mV with the 1:20 MSL SUT. Maximum cartridge output voltage can be as high as ten-times the cartridge’s rat... 
Holst The Planets
Just got my copy through Ebay - had to pay a little bit more ($33 incl shipping), but totally worth it.  Thanks for the heads-up.  
Rediscovered My album collection. Where to buy online.
I still prefer Amazon - 2 day shipping (Prime) on most and return has not been an issue.  I stopped buying used albums from Discogs and Ebay, particularly because no seller seems to know what Near Mint means - too many disappointments. Other place... 
Turntable advice
You have some serious speakers (and amp) so you should go with a turntable of similar caliber. Personally, I think Japanese and European tables are much better than VPI. I went through three decent turntables before I settled on the TechDas AFVP -... 
I'm sure there are more Koetsu owners than this that are concerned. I would be if I owned one.  I likely won't be buying one now.  
So I guess that means that no rebuilding of Koetsu cartridges.  Will retipping by third parties such as VAS be the only option? Is there a difference? I was thinking about getting a stone-bodied Koetsu.  
Step Up Transformer with Moving Iron Cartridge?
Soundsmith's Hyperion Mk2 (moving iron) cartridge recommends a 470 ohm loading for optimal performance.  Coincidentally - that equates to a 10:1 step up ratio.  
Step Up Transformer with Moving Iron Cartridge?
Output voltage is 5 mV - should not need step-up.