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Thumper’s Mother
@uncledemp +5  well said   
20 Years?
wow - June 2000 for me!   I still read all the "old heads" postings.  Stick around long enough and we might learn something!  
Andy Kim at Needle Clinic saves the day!
Andy hooked me up.  A real craftsman and professional.   
Cream — Stormy Monday
Great post Soix.   It’s too bad a great call out turns into such rubbish that you have to defend your song. LOL.   
Thiel Owners
+1 unsound.  From one Thiel owner to another.    
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
Thanks for sharing onhwy61.  A happy ending and good feedback. is always nice in this hobby.  
Manual Prop for TT cover
No doubt good suggestion     
My New Year’s Wish for my fellow audiophiles.
Happy and healthy New Year to all!  
New Ortofon website with tonearm cartridge matcher
Ortofon fan and owner but no Basis TT available for selection so I'm out.  
Alpha Core Goertz
@ketchup I don't believe you need zobel networks with Macs on second thought due primarily to the autoformers.  I installed MI2's on my 501's and they sound great with no problems. They did send my old Classe amp into oscillation back in the day ... 
I Cried Today
Very moving, the human spirit is still alive!  Thanks for sharing.  
Alpha Core Goertz
Curious, anyone tried these cables with McIntosh ss amps without the zobel networks?  In my experience the zobel networks are extremely brittle and break when tightening down spades.  They are also a major headache to use on thiels since the bindi... 
Cable elevators
I’m with you salectric.  My experience exactly.   
New to Preamp - Preamp suggestion around 10k
Conrad Johnson ET5 or ET7   
Tune of the Day
Sun Green - Neil Young