Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!

Do your speakers sound dull and lifeless?  Well that's because speakers are not made from real musicians, or even real musical instruments.  Well I alone have a solution for this...





erik, is it that you have to have an infinite baffle built into your home? I have heard this from a super duper speaker guy, the K man.

As long as you're channeling others from the ether, can you conjure up someone with something thought provokingly profound to expound upon? Or it could be someone like an organ grinder and his monkey. I'll take either right now over anything from Special K.

All the best,

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"Dill why dont you ever offer any profound thoughts to us?"

- I don’t think "profound thoughts" belong on an audio forum as I certainly have never encountered any. It’s only audio stuff!

"Do you actually have any ideas or are you just absolutely ignorant about "how to achieve perfect sound? "

- I have no illusions about "how to achieve perfect sound" as there is no such animal. You are delusional if you think you have. Shoot, you can’t even use the correct punctuation ...

"you always pop up in my topics"

- BTW: You did not start this thread ... 🙄

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Although what you said above made no sense, you didn't ask any questions. Congrats mkd, that's progress! Now that you have found a new interest, I am sure you will be spending a lot less time here.

Kenji, I have to ask. Are you pretending or trying to create a persona? Its hard to believe that someone can really act so arrogant and the spew such clueless information such as you do. Then to top it off, you call yourself the Master or the Only one in the world that truly understands speakers.

If this is all a hoax, my gosh, you are good and deserve to be called Master. If you are serious in all of your post and replies.... God Love Ya, because the way you act toward others, no body else will.

I have to say, either way, you can be quite entertaining and for that, I do appreciate you. @kenjit Tim

Kenjit you are far from a genius! Show some sack boy and let’s hear your solutions?? Custom tuning blah blah blah. Active speakers with dsp dummy if that’s your thing…. Or invent something better.  

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" What clueless information have I spewed? "

- Pretty much everything .. 

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The punctuation which has been used is known as Master Kenjits Dialect or MKD.


Like I said earlier, a troll. One with little resources to draw upon due to being on two different continents and therefore, two different cultures. There's only so much the internet can do to bring us together. 

All the best,

Speakers sound like speakers.  The vast majority of people listening to music do so through speakers, mostly at home and sometimes at concerts, sometimes very large ones, some fit in their ears. Telling someone else that a speaker sounds awful is like telling someone the food tastes bad, all you can say with any certainty is that food tastes bad to you and speakers sound awful to you. Every Klipsch speaker I have ever heard, and that is dozens at least, sound abysmal. My design professor at uni ( a very qualified engineer) designed and built speakers, he loved Klipsch speakers. I keep trying to find the magic he heard, I just hear screaming.

@kenjit I thought this would be easy, however, everytime I went back to find a thread, the first 13 that I clicked on were deleted...... and several more thereafter.

But Here you go, all of this shows a failed understanding of speaker design:

"The reason that perfect speakers do not exist will hereby be revealed. So a perfect speaker would be a wall made of concrete. It would have two or perhaps three small holes in it. The drivers would then be placed inside these holes. Linkwitz riley 24db octaves and you’re done."

"The magico speaker still only uses a cabinet that is a few inches thick at best. My speaker invention would be ten times thicker at a fraction of the cost!"

"Magicos are very expensive, solidly built and heavy however there is one problem which the speaker engineers didnt think of when it came to designing the speakers. The woofers in a Magico generate sound from both the front and the back. The problem is that the sound from the back is obviously contained inside that big solid enclosure and after it has reflected around the box, it becomes NOISE. So now you have generated NOISE inside the box which has to be dealt with. The only way to get rid of that nasty noise is to cut a hole using a drill into the back of the cabinet. The hole will need to be big enough to vent the noise. The noise will then need to be vented somewhere far away from the listening environment as you dont want to be hearing that while the music is playing. "


all interconnects are the same. Ive just had a look at your amp and its a class D so you will need to get rid of that and buy a class AB. Next you will need a speaker retune by a speaker tuner. There are not many of those around thesedays.

Its not what you wanted to hear but those are the facts."

"There is another problem within the speaker industry which is largely ignored by most speaker companies. A speaker cone will emit sound of equal intensity from both sides of the cone, front and back. One of the big problems is that the rear wave is not in phase with the front wave. Nobody has so far figured out how to turn the rear wave fully in phase with the front wave. If this could be done, we would actually not need a box for the driver. It could just be mounted on a bit of mdf and put on a speaker stand and it would sing."

"If you look at the high end speaker market, what you will find is that the problem mentioned in this article has largely been ignored. In this respect it is justified to claim that all speakers are the same. They all suffer from the same problems so they will all sound the same."

There are many more by the way, but this gets the point across. and to answer your post about my arrogance? The upper end scan speak drivers that you have are normally quite accurate in their measurements. You wanted minor dips in very specific frequencies. I needed very accurate impedance curves at all frequencies and I need very accurate driver curves at all frequencies. Also, I told you that I may need to do impedance compensation, which requires measuring the drivers themselves. You felt sense the impedance curves were fairly flat that they did not need any compensation. I could not get through your head that a rise or lowering of impedance over given frequencies does change its frequency curve. To make sure that I would achieve your desired curve. I needed the drivers to measure. 



The funniest thing on earth right now is how Kenjit confused this thread with his own.  🤣

"I am one of the few in the industry that has credibility and competence bar none."

- I think not

"I have seen and heard it all.. "

- Good, then you can leave us alone, sorry we won't miss you.

"The funniest thing on earth right now is how Kenjit confused this thread with his own"

- I know, but remember eric, he lives in a state a confusion.  


The pion took the bait

Another see you next Tuesday moment from the Kenidjit.


Thats interesting. But a speaker system has to reproduce the signal doesnt it? The only question remaining is how accurately it does this. Its not a matter of opinion because sound is nothing but movement of the air. You dont need a person to have sound. Either the sound is an accurate replica of the input or it isnt. Most of the time it isnt. 

The tweeter response will be modified by the cabinet it is placed in. This is loudspeaker design 101. 

There is no point arguing about this. Tim, you still think that you can design a crossover without knowing what the cabinet looks like. If you go on partsexpress or diyaudio, there will be plenty of experts on there who will quickly point out how wrong you are. 


@kenjit share with us your superior system you listen to. I assume it is centered around your perfect concrete wall speakers and all of the other components you designed and created by hand? Oh wait. You don’t even own a stereo system. My bad! You simply get off causing irritation and acting condescending towards others.


Words to live by from Blind Boy Fuller

Brought to us by Robert Crumb (reluctant trucker)

Gotta go now and find my Zap Comix

@kenjit  I had your baffle size and we heavily discussed baffle stuff. You didn't  listen to what felt properly placed could do or absorb baffle step varies by frequency.  Still don't think that you would need much with the measurements you gave me. Do I need to look up more examples  of the depth of your knowledge? You requested those, but did not respond.  

Kenjet what is so superior in your system that others don’t know ?

itismany times theQuality + plus system synergy ,Thst being said since I have been rebuilding the biggest weakness even in good speakers theQuality of the Xover 

which is the ♥️ or 🧠 of thespeaker ,most are average quality at best .

having owned a Audio store for a number of years until around 2010 

rule on most all   audio ,25%is all that goes into the product including packaging ,the rest R&D overhead and markup . That’s why  electronics can add up $$ fast to have premium parts , speakers included, cables have the most profit margins for the companies , everyone has different taste ,and your room acoustics, and room treatments can have a profound effect , any weak link in the chain can totally throw off the synergy and balance. Spending 40+ years i have had pretty much out there in Audio types , now I look for high quality value in design ,no more$100 k+ audio systems . For $40-$60k you should be able to have a very respectable sounding system.everything  takes time, unless you have $$ deep pockets.

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Ive had more than a few different high end commercial speakers such as B&w, dynaudio to name a few in here to audition. Why dont they ever sound good then? If the speaker designers are so superior why did the speakers sound rubbish? Ive had dynaudio contour 20s here supposedlly one of the finest standmounts on the planet. They were horrific. Explain that then

The anagram for Kinjet is Inkjet. That’s all I need to know. He’s having you on folks. Always has. 
Here’s a conspiracy theory. Kinjet is MillerCarbon’s alter ego. Thoughts?

@erik_squires Your bait taken! 

I think the wheels came off this stuff as soon as it hit the forum. Kind of a waste of time to read any of this other than it seems like a parody of an actual relevant audio discussion. 

@wolf_garcia  ... "...seems like a parody of an actual relevant audio discussion."

Well, it seemed to begin that way....had its' moments, but.... 🤷‍♂️....off & onto the typical rails these 'adventures' either start 'n stay or some unsimilar fashion..

All this conjecture, the who/why/what about it is all good and well But:
What stops the one that knows from obtaining it....?

I've my answer, audio on the quantum level.
Repro so real, it makes your ears drool and mind cease annoying you. ;)

Concrete speaker...*hmm*  3d printed formulated concrète musique....
Size, shape, color(s), texture.....What's your dejure ?  Drive as you see fit or fitful

@erik_squires  ....*L*  +⫪..... 😏

....lately I've been confronted with diy'ing lots' including yours unruly...
(...can't recommend it, but ....as said, 'a change will do you good'....) 🤦‍♂️ * l *


@kenjit whether you are a Human, an Android or a Bot, I have to admire your tenacity as despite the amount of stick you get on here you keep coming back for more. 😂

@kenjit   Noted you don't tolerate imperfection.  No, you insist on being a total failure.

And if you don't tolerate imperfection, how come you don't punctuate correctly?

No-one believes a word you say.  I doubt even you do.

@timlub - there are a few speaker manufacturers that only use the front panel to mount drivers like Nola.  Any opinion on their products?  Also do you have an opinion on field coil speaker designs?


You can PM me if you want.


Kind of a waste of time to read any of this other than it seems like a parody of an actual relevant audio discussion.


@wolf_garcia - I’m deeply offended, what actually relevant discussion do you think I parodied?? 😆

@bigkidz .   Fieldcoils, I have zero experience using these drivers. I have a thorough understanding of how they work and am happy to discuss the pros and cons, but the easy low down is that they make sense. Consistent electrical field does wondersin overcoming driver design issues of traditional magnet drivers. Why do think we have alnico, strontium, neodymium and many others, a Consistent current makes a difference.  Nola, have never sat in front of them, but I'm happy to discuss, the trials and benefits of open baffle. The design is definitely more driver dependent and there are things that you can do to deal with the backside wave, but there are limitations.  If you have specific question, pm me or maybe start a thread and others can chime in.

Oops, this becomes someone else's tread.  K steals thunder from the Op.  Need to admit so far I still did not get what the OP is trying to convey...

I'm curious to hear the actual solution that was the initial intent of this discussion.

From my standpoint I have an answer. 

Buy Vandersteen. Not dull or lifeless!