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Audiogon web site is slow for me......
Audiogon installed some new power cords for their servers. Once they burn in the website will load much faster.   
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
The theme song from the TV show Sanford and Son.  
A Better Way to Buy Gear - Help Needed
When you pay using PayPal Friends & Family, it just means YOU pay the PayPal fees instead of the seller. PayPal always gets paid, that's why they're in business.   
Why Preamps Thump on Turn on
I've always read proper turn on sequence is: 1. Preamp along with everything connected to it. 2. Amp. Shutdown is the opposite  BUT..... My preamp is connected to my amp with a wire that turns both on at the same time when you do a startup wit... 
ADD or Audiophile?
I have two systems, both very much alike. One is setup in front of my indoor bicycle. That's where I listen to most of my music. I get to enjoy the tunes while getting my exercise in, Saves time, which I don't have a lot of until I retire. The o... 
Did anyone else disconnect thier equipment due to the geomagnetic storms?
Nope, didn't unplug anything. I have complete faith in my APC BackUps.  
Harman Kardon HD 7400 Displays E, won't play
Turns out it needed a new laser. All should be well soon.  
Morrow Audio Speaker Cables
After using regular heavy gauge wire and/or Monster cable for years, I bought the SP-6 speaker cables a few months ago. I also paid for the 480 hour burn-in service. These have really made my vintage system come alive. Every instrument and sound i... 
Surge protector
I have always used BackUps brand uninterruptable power supplies with built in surge protection.  ANYTHING plugged into them is guaranteed to I believe 20 grand. If not 20, then it's  more. Do they work? Never had an issue except replacing their ba... 
Anyone listen to entire albums?
 I'm in the process of listening to all of my "albums" on CD's in alphabetical order so I don't miss any. I've spent the last couple of years getting all of my equipment refurbished, sometimes including upgraded electronics. I also purchased new i... 
Upgrades and repairs on hi fi components
https://www.vujadeaudio.com/ Great service, quick turn around. I’ve had repairs and upgrades done by them. Not just always satisfied, but pleasantly surprised by the new sound I get out of my vintage equipment with their very reasonably priced up... 
Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)
I believe far too many people worry about what others think about their equipment.  Who cares? Does it sound good to YOU?  Do YOU enjoy it? If so, enjoy it then. Goof around with it hear and there looking for improvements if you wish always making... 
Harman Kardon HD 7400 Displays E, won't play
The player has been sent back to the folks who did the work on it. I'll report whatever they tell me is the problem in the hopes that it may help somebody else.  
Mid-Fi, Hi-Fi or.....?
Are your ears happy? If so, you're in the highest of Hi-Fi worlds.  
Harman Kardon HD 7400 Displays E, won't play
Well I will if needed. I figured I would ask about the situation here first. If it's something really simple, it would save the time and cost of shipping it back and forth again.  Also, I'm certain it tested out perfectly fine before they sent it...