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DSD coming to Qobuz streaming?
MQA is dead on Tidal. This was announced a few days ago. FLAC is pretty sweet and will fully displace it anyway. DSD is definitely nice, but have to have a DAC that supports it.  
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
From my experience with Tidal, FLAC files overall sound much better than WAV and comparable to MQA (although a much larger selection of FLAC since MQA clearly very selectively started with top tier original recording). MP3s are very subpar/compres... 
If you have a nice system why do you really need room treatments?
Sorry op, but your premise is beyond absurd. No rugs or any absorption alone with cause all sorts of reflection to the point that it is obvious within 5 seconds of critical listening, not even critical listening actually.  
15k for streamer and much on each?
You definitely want a dedicated streamer, DAC and external linear power supply. I was surprised how much the sw improved across the spectrum when I replaced the internal switching power supply of my streamer with a Teddy Pardo LPS. There are so ma... 
can you help me narrow my speaker cables short list please?
You left out a very crucial details for any useful advice - what components do you have in place, particularly speakers, preamp and amp; and what sort of a sound appeals to you most?  
Specific Node/Airplay question
No, Tidal has lossless cd across the board, MQA (which is comparable, but limited to the better recordings and basically dead since the company went out of business) and they recently added FLAC files which I find overall to be better than Redbook... 
A.I. music
AI will be primarily a money making tool and whenever money enters the fray, the more of it at stake, the more it will be abused. Think about how negative of an overall force social media has become in society (more so in the future) exponentially... 
Annoying newbie CD/SACD player question
I have the Audiolab 6000CDT transport and am very happy with it. I’ve never had an issue with it scratching CDs.  
Old phones as streaming sources
Software based DACs in smartphones will always be inferior, but better than nothing in a house system, decent for headphones and for streaming in the car.  
Transport Recommendations
I really like my Audiolab 6000CDT transport and it’s quite inexpensive. I definitely recommend it.  
Why do I prefer R2R over Chip based DAC's?
@grinell why get a used MHDT when you can get a new Orchid for roughly $1,200 (what I spent a couple years ago)? I highly recommend it. Excellent DAC with a tube output stage.  
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
Tekton Moab’s fit the bill well.  
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
Do whatever sounds best to YOUR ears, mostly based on the distance between your speakers and how far back you are listening to them. My speakers are very far apart, but the sofa isn’t as far back as it needs to be. So, I toed them in 1” and am ext... 
Tidal FLAC vs. Qobuz
@mojo771 I’ve being streaming FLAC files via BluOS for a few weeks now. Support came in their 4.0 software release. The FLAC files sound great. MQA competes, but I think overall the highest bit rate FLAC is better - better separation, soundstage, ... 
Class A, A/B vs Class D amp Soundstage
Easy. Call Cambridge Audio and talk to one of their experts. I’m sure they would helpful input.