RIP Christine McVie

McVie's family said she "passed away peacefully" surrounded by loved ones at a hospital after a "short illness."


A little known gem from her 80s solo album is One In A Million. It features vocals by Steve Winwood and drums by a pre-Heartbreakers Steve Ferrone. Great song.

But my very first FM album was Bare Trees and it has been my favorite ever since. So it seemed appropriate to play again this week after hearing the news.

She really was one in a million and is finally homeward bound.
I miss her already too.

One of my long time fav FM songs has been "Isn’t it Midnight", from "Tango in the Night". And of course, written by Christine. She was indeed the beautiful voice and melody writer in the band. The best always go first.

Musicians have to die someday just like you and me. At least she (reportedly) didn't suffer. I would rather look at the special place Fleetwood Mac holds in the music scene going back so many years. Good music helps to give us all that friendly nudge forward into appreciating being human and enjoying all forms of artistic expression. 

Our 'shared history' is fading before our eyes......😔

Always prefered Ms. Perfect over Stevie....

This news hit just after a beloved cat found her destiny from the bumper of a car.

I pick up the ashes later today....

"See I spent my teens enraged

Spiralin' in silence

And I armed myself with a grin

'Cause I was always the fuckin' joker

Buried in their humor

Amongst the white noise and boys' boys

Locker-room talkin' lads' lads

Drenched in cheap drink and snide fags

A mirrored picture of my old man

Oh God, the kid's a dab hand

Canny chanter, but he looks sad

God, the kid looks so sad"

'Scuse, not a great week...


Wow that was sad news.Got to see FWM twice both times they were Great.RIP Christine...a,Beautiful woman with a load of talent. 

RIP Christine

My favorite FMc was Bob Welch. Excellent solo career too. Just love his Man Overboard album. Totally overlooked.

What a loss of a great singer, musician, and songwriter. Very sad, but her music will continue to give joy to her fans, me being one of them.

I miss the Songbird already.  When Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac one would think that Stevie and Christine would be rivals.  Christine was a class act and took Stevie under her wing (literally as they lived together) and mentored her.  I understand they were still very good friends.


I read a very interesting book "Making Rumors" written by the sound engineer Ken Caillat.  Excellent read and Christine McVie of course was a main character. This is a good place to learn more about the Songbird.  Miss you already.

Off you go pretty birdy, just as I played "Songbird" at my mum's funeral as well. She will be missed dearly and hopefully playing songs in heaven with me mum by her side! RIP "Songbird"!

God rest her soul, a complete shock when I heard. She was truly my favorite, with the most beautiful voice! She will be sorely missed. 

Her work with Bob Welch on Bare Trees and Mystery to Me is great, but not acknowledged enough. She, and Welch were critical to the mid-period of Mac and if you listen to this period, the sucessful format that the commercial Mac had later was already laid and present, before B&N joined. Great voice and songwriting. Check out these lps if you are a fan. IMHO some of her best songs. I was surprised to hear the news. 

Reality check for us. Counting my blessings though, I at least feel lucky enough witnessing (one & one only) Fleetwood performance. Much later Fleetwood, 2006ish San Diego ... Coors Amphitheater. @bdp24, yep, me too unfortunately :-( Rumor has it Christine was "done with" the road / touring thing then.

"Prove Your Love" (Heroes Are Hard To Find) and "Keep on Going" (Mystery to Me) are two of my favorites. The latter was written by Bob Welch, which is rare because when it comes to Fleetwood Mac songs, the songwriter usually did the lead vocals.

I also think Christine's contributions to Tusk ("Over & Over" - "Brown Eyes" - "Never Make Me Cry" - "Honey Hi" & "Never Forget") are vastly underrated.

Thanks for the music! R.I.P.


Wonder why she did not receive credits for a few albums?

Perhaps she was still under contract from another label?

I saw them live first in late 1970 (I think) and she was there on stage.

I lost interest in FM when Nicks joined as her vocals rub me the wrong way, also not a fan of Buckingham’s guitar work.




Wow. Gives me a feeling of emptiness.

Rumours was released in '77, I married in '78 with no cares in the world, and in a flash forward, another icon of my generation has passed.... 

Be nice to someone today, you never know if it will be your last chance.

Christy McVie songs make you feel good and lifts your spirits.. Being very close to her age makes one think about how precious life is!

"Tell me lies. tell me sweet little lies" is playing in my head as I read about Christine's death. What an amazing musician that made a giant contribution to the music of Fleetwood Mac. Unforgettable, RIP.

She was there a long time ago, a part of Kiln House, Bare Trees and Future Games. I believe She was around when they recorded the landmark, Then Play On. Some very good Music right there…..
And of course she continued when they added Bob Welch and later Buckingham Nicks. More popish…Yes, time waits for no one.

Two songs she wrote I always loved: "Spare Me A Little Of Your Love" from Bare Trees, and "Why" from Mystery To Me

Seems like only yesterday she was young, I was young and listening to new releases for first time.

Just got through listening to her Etta James cover of I would Rather Go Blind, what a beautiful voice and seemed to be one of the special people in this world. Loved all incarnations of Fleetwood Mac but was always drawn to the early years with Green and then the stint when McVie and Welch handled the vocals, Heroes Are Hard To Find is one of my favorite albums ever. RIP

Very sad to hear! She was by far my favorite FM member, supremely talented & a class act all the way. She will be missed. RIP


Sad news indeed. Since I started collecting records in the early ‘70s there’s not been an album more highly anticipated (IMO) than Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk. Turned out to be a very interesting follow up to Rumours. Christine had some great moments on it. I’ve also always liked her contributions on the Welch-FM albums. She definitely had her own style and sound.

+1 dadork  Over My Head and of course, Songbird. Always feel connected to herr when I hear these. An intimacy conveyed with her delivery. RIP Christine

Surprised and sorry to hear this. I never thought that John McVie would outlive her.

Her birth name was Perfect, and in every way, she lived up to it. Who remembers "Rather Go Blind," from The Legendary Christine Perfect Album, before she joined Mick and Mac? Believe I will close this night with her remarkable instrumental on "Did You Ever Love Me," from the otherwise forgettable Penguin album. Long before the band's renaissance with Buckingham/Nicks, Christine had soldiered on. 

I've been wondering who would be next, looking ahead to 2023. A lot of the 60's and 70's artists are now either approaching 80 years of age or are already over that demarcation. Jerry Lee Lewis was the last man standing of the 1950's Rock 'n' Rollers (amazing considering his alcohol intake), his recent death marking the end of that era.

Dylan, McCartney & Starr,, Brian Wilson, Ray Davies, Townshend & Daltry, Jagger & Richards, etc. still appear to be in good health (well, maybe not Richards ;-), but ya never know. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though my choices for long extended life may be different than yours. Who knows, I may croak before many of them do ;-) . 

The Songbird. I always liked her vocals just a tad more than Nicks; a sweeter more melodic richness, vulnerable.

Wow. That’s a bummer.

(I just heard it now, on the news, minutes after I read it here. She was 79.)