Christine McVie has passed away

Very sad news.  I had the pleasure of seeing Fleetwood Mac numerous times and have always thought Christine was spectacular.

What voice and song writing talent!!!

R.I.P. Ms. McVie




This posting just reminded me that Christine and Dennis Wilson were for a time a couple. I never saw Christine live on stage, but I for one prefer her vocals to those of her replacement in Fleetwood Mac.

Dennis was the first Rock 'n' Roll drummer I saw live (at the San Jose Civic Auditorium, in the summer of 1964). Many years later (1981) I met him at Blackies (a bar in the Venice Beach area in Los Angeles), near where he moored his houseboat (upon which he was living, and under which he drowned). His movie star good looks were by then fading, his face somewhat bloated from his alcohol intake.

Christine handled stardom with dignity, grace, and class. Thanks for the music, m'lady.


I was at their Toronto concert in 2014 shortly after she rejoined FLEETWOOD MAC in 2014 after a long hiatus .(…since leaving in 1998?… cannot remember exactly ….)

When all the reformed tour original 70’s band members in the new “reunion tour” announced the welcoming back of of Christine,as co-lead singer in the band, the entire venue erupted chanting “Christine, Christine, Christine ….” And it continued along with an arena trembling audience foot stomping and clapping for about a full minute.

it was a testament to her legacy as a leading key member in the band. Her band mates smiled and applauded in unison. She was the glue and fabric that helped define the band signature sound and long legacy.

FM is still one of m 5 top bands of all time .

She anchored the band, here is one epic moment from their 1997 California concert finale on DVD. Without her, FM will never be the same …


A further testimonial to her great talent ….

Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere" performed by Rumours of Fleetwood Mac.tribute band, …It’s the only tribute band sanctioned by Fleetwood Mac . They’re lead singer EMILY GERVERS, does a fabulous job of recreating Christine’s powerful vocals. I’ve seen this band live on tour too ,,, they are VERY good.