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ReL Subs: High Level or Low Level connection
I have a pair of T/i subs in my two channel system. I have both connections laid out depending on amp. Yes, the RCA's are a long run (purchased new from SVS..excellent people to deal with) but IMO based on my system and ears I prefer the low level... 
What is your front end ?
-Aurender N100H -Oppo BDP 95 -Audio Note CDT 2/II -McIntosh MR 88  
I've reviewed this thread three times now and lean quite a bit to that Rogue matching nicely with that cube. Regards, Scott  
Recommended Listening
Not yet. Just picked this up at a Record/CD Fair on a whim. Love it.  
+2 Backert Labs. I have a Rhumba Extreme 1.3 set up with a Pass XA30.8. I really enjoy the combination.  
Considering a Backert Rhythm 1.4, talk me out of it
I have owned a Rhumba Extreme 1.3 for the past three years and truly enjoy it. That said, based on my experience the op may wish to consider a solid state line stage simply based on the choice of music (and subsequently quality of recording produc... 
Are You a Swifty?
I dust everyday.  
Amp — Leave on or turn off
Tubes: Turn off at end of usage. SS: Leave on all the time.  
Jazz Mount Rushmore
I currently house five Ellington titles. I'll share them for what it's worth: 1) Vol 1 Studio Sessions Chicago 1956 2) Duke Meets Coleman Hawkins 3) Duke Meets John Coltrane 4) Live At Newport 5) Blues In Orbit  
Jazz Mount Rushmore
Coltrane: "A Love Supreme"  Davis: "In A Silent Way"  Monk: "Big Band And Quartet In Concert." Rollins: "Way Out West"  
Best Covers
P.S. "Burning Down The House"  
Best Covers
Bonnie Raitt covering anything James Taylor or John Haitt did was always good.  
Songs you use when auditioning gear
Not so much specific songs if you're talking about auditioning. I'll grab three or four cd's and make sure they have the following combination: A horn, piano, human voice, and acoustic guitar, and a drum solo.  
Help With New Preamp Decision
I am a 1.3 extreme owner. I wish to touch on one topic only; that being choice of music. If you do get one of these be aware it will show every piece of beauty and flaws from a signal. In many ways it's a slave to the signal and simply a straight ... 
Aurender Music Server and CD Transport comparison
Well said 8th-note and I concur. Different strokes for different folks. I for one place a great emphasis on playing CD's simply because I enjoy it. Like pulling a book from a library. Knowing this, I went through three different transports in thre...