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Speaker Slip Covers
Try these, DIGITALDECKCOVERS, They have a lot of things already measured out for some popular speakers and will work with your measurements as well. Purchased two sets for two different pairs of Wilson Audio Sophia's and they were about 35% of wha... 
Do you past equipment appear in your dreams?
I too have a recurring dream about some guys dad bringing an Audio  Innovations tube amp into my crap metal shop and leaving. FWIW it only needed a fuse and it still sounds great. Enjoy the music  
My Remote on my preamp has stopped working
Have you pulled the batteries and cleaned up the area where they make contact to form the circuit? Enjoy the music  
Audiophile frame of mind
@dhite71 , good for you. By the way, I like mine medium/medium rare. Enjoy the music  
Anyone listen to entire albums?
Yes, I listen to the whole album and if it is a 3 or 4 sided album, I start with side one and play thru. Sometime I get thrown off when I encounter an older album where the sides were set up for stackable changers. Enjoy the music  
Sound Anchor Stands
There is a bit of a utilitarian look to the Sound Anchor stands so do understand the WAF to be in question.  
VPI Scoutmaster to HRX
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a VPI unipivot arm, simplicity at it's best and the 9 inch basic arm is a steal at the price, just sayin. Enjoy the music  
Sound Anchor Stands
Sound Anchor still has their web site and I believe they will take and supply orders from there. I have had 5 or 6 pair of their speaker support stands in the past to satisfy placement of various B&W 802/804 Matrix and N series and also some V... 
Audiophilism is a hobby
@wolf_garcia +1 X10, well said  
Napping while listening
I have been retired now for 11 years and have enjoyed every minute of it, but have to say if my wife ever came home and found me on the floor a sleep while the music is going she might think the worst and start the funeral arrangements. Can only h... 
FedEx - strange shipping progress (to UK)
It almost looks like they are taking pointers from the USPS on routing packages. Enjoy the music  
Midnight Special -Dept store R&R
I was a big Midnight Special fan and even bigger Steve Marriott fan but don't remember this one with the Pie, but you did spur me into pulling some Humble Pie for tonight for my rotation, some Smokin' followed by Rockin' The Filmore and finish off... 
Anyone having shipping issues with Viva Tubes
Have done business with Viva Tube through their ads on e-bay and their website about 6 to 7 times with great results. Enjoy the music  
Teo Audio, are they still up and running?
I was hoping to revise this thread in hopes of Teo Audio and their people are well and still in business. I went over to Canuck Audio Mart and did some searching and they are not listed on their list of dealers/distributors so I have kind of run o... 
Rega Planar 3 50th anniversary
I was going to jump in the middle of this thread and stir it up a bit then decided that I would just back out of the room and tip my hat to @lewm, for the patience he has shown. Enjoy the music