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Pink Floyd Aficionados
@motobman did you hear it? How about you @vair68robert ?  
Pink Floyd Aficionados
@jasonbourne52 @stereo5 @bojack do you hear it or being facetious? I've recently upgraded to a far better streamer but now don't hear it anymore.  I'd hate to think I was losing my mind. In a certain gear lineup I heard it three times. With a diff... 
Need advice on media player and or dacs
Keep your HT and your 2 channel rig separate except where you can employ HT bypass. Buy a dedicated streamer and a good DAC for music. The better they are the happier you’ll be.  
Pink Floyd Aficionados
It is very faint. @retroactiv Try listening for anything that isn't bleating sheep. I swear it's there. I  confirmed I heard it when I switched back and forth between preamps.  
Bluesound Vault position
I don't see how but I'm certain someone will disagree.  
Pink Floyd Aficionados
@audioman58 I have an Aqua La Voce S2. I have two preamps from Belles. One I can hear it and one I can't.     
Pink Floyd Aficionados
@seismicfrog   1977 release on Qobuz. Streaming using a Bluesound Node 2i.  
Pink Floyd Aficionados
@ricmci I certainly hope you don't hear it on your car stereo! It would shatter my admiration of my home stereo!  
Pink Floyd Aficionados
@jastralfu I start picking it up in the last 20-25 seconds and becoming more apparent 15 seconds or less.  
Totem Towers
Does anyone have the Aria pre amp?  I see lots of references to the integrated but not standalone pre. I have one and would like some input and info. Love David Belles gear.   
Help needed with Rattle in my floorstanding speakers.
Well... in listening to this I believe the quietness of the music caused you to turn it up too high and you fried a woofer. Liked the bass though.    
Morrow power cables
I just received today the MAP4 power cable and though it isn't broke in one smidgen it is wonderful. Lowered the noise floor.  
How do I know if my systems any good?
Welcome back @mahgister .  
How do I know if my systems any good?
Take time with what you have; not only your gear but your ears. Move your speakers around. Look into placement theories. I found the Vandersteen method worked for me. Make sure you can get everything out of what you have before you make a change.   
Any Thoughts?
One thing we do agree on @thecarpathian , crawfish boils! Laizzes bontemps roulle!