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If A.I. took the place of musicians, would you listen to it?
Emotion, imagination, skill and intelligence are all utilized to play and write music. Does AI have all these?  
Cardas vs Cardas vs Shunyata interconnects
I've been using Cardas cables for over 30 Years and I like them, On different systems different lines work better. Also, they take a long time to burn in and settle in to sound their best. I don't like disconnecting them and handling them because ... 
Recordable CD/DVDs are vanishing too
That’s not good. I like to burn copies of my cds for listening in my car. Also, I burn albums from HD Tracks for listening on my stereo using my Oppo.  
Rondi H. D'Agostino Obituary
That’s very sad. I’ve always liked Krell and of course ML and Dagostino products. my condolences to her family. Thanks for the link lostsouth, I really enjoyed reading that interview with SG.  
What is the lowest voltage acceptable ?
Thanks again.  
What is the lowest voltage acceptable ?
Thank again.  
What is the lowest voltage acceptable ?
I’ll also check out the PS Audio unit.   
What is the lowest voltage acceptable ?
I want to thank everyone for the valuable information. It's cooler today and the power is back to 120 volts. I use a Shunyata Venom PS8 with the plug in power filter, but I'm going to look into a Furman or Tripp Lite unit.   
What is the lowest voltage acceptable ?
I agree 114 should be the minimum, but the other really hot night Con Edison had some outages a couple of miles away from me and my voltage went down to 109 in the evening. I unplugged my system. The next day it went up to 119 and 115 at night . I... 
Why I don't hear bass drums on Jazz LPs?
As a drummer many of the comments here are right on. Good job .  
Tune of the Day
The safe and sound video, which you can watch on YouTube, with Sheryl Crow and Sting is excellent. It’s heartfelt.  
Great Interview-
I am an audiophile because my father was into high end audio and that started me.  
Great Interview-
I agree with boomerbillone and bolong. As a musician, most bandmembers aren't interested in high end systems. They are usually busy and writing or learning songs, and rehearsing. They are content listening to songs on anything they have. the sound... 
Best 12AU7?
Also, Vintage Tube Services - Andy Bouwman.   
Best 12AU7?
Upscale Audio has very good NOS and new tubes. Check them out.