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If A.I. took the place of musicians, would you listen to it?
What an interesting and thought provoking question, thank you for posting hide45.  
Looking For Technicans That Would Rewire A SME V
Try this company: . I purchased my SME IV from them, I know they also offer full SME rebuilds, see below.    
Racks, equipment and footers
I am a big fan of Core Audio Design racks, they look beautiful IMHO and acoustic isolation is amazing. I had a plyKraft 3L rack with a TT on the top shelf, jumping up and down in front of it did not make the cartridge skip, no effect whatsoever. N... 
SCAMMER ALERT! Listing ID: lisb9h3h
Great job geronimo_usmc, you have done everyone on Audiogon a great service by getting the scammer suspended very quickly.  
London Grammar?
I think Hannah Reid has one of the most beautiful and unique voices in music. Overall, fantastic music IMHO. They actually have 4 albums out now, House, recently released, is the fourth album.  
Long run XLR cables
I agree with botrytis . I also use Blue Jeans XLR cables for long and short run, no issues whatsoever. Prices are great and customer service is beyond reproach, order a custom cable on Monday, and 3-4 days later you have it. I have no commercial ... 
OPpo 205.... Awesome !!
Agree, the Oppo UDP-205 is one of, if not the best, 4k Blu-ray players I have ever come across. Picture and SQ are second to none IMHO.  
Yello - Reel to Reel
Sounds very promising, will check it out at Axpona this week. For me, 15ips master tape copies can be the ultimate in terns of SQ, CD and streaming don't even come close, the difference is that obvious. See my previous post on this subject.  
Magico Owners - what are you using for amplification?
I use a McIntosh MC312 power amp to drive my Magico A5 speakers and could not be happier with the SQ. The sound is both very dynamic, crystal clear, perfect sound stage and a very flat frequency response.  
Audio Racks, Just How beneficial? looking for guidance in upgrading
blue_strat, Arnold Marr (Core Audio Designs) is actually making a 6 (2x3) shelf audio rack for me. Suggest you reach out to Arnold to get a copy of the drawing.  
Audio Racks, Just How beneficial? looking for guidance in upgrading
I agree with tomic601, Core Audio equipment racks are the best I have ever used. They look fantastic, are extremely well built and provide unbelievable sonic isolation. Jumping up and down in front of my plyKraft 3L rack has no impact on cartridge... 
McIntosh C52 to C53?
Many thanks for everyones advise, all good. The one thing about the C53 is the DA2 DAC, it comes with, is actually replaceable. So when the DA3 comes out, $1,000 gets you an upgraded DAC.  
Preamp advice
I used a McIntosh C50, then a C52 pre-amp with my MC275 MK VI. Both worked perfectly for me and look very good. See the system here:    
Is My McIntosh C52 Pre-amp The Weak Link?
Thanks chcumo63. sound like a good low cost upgrade, will explore. Certainly less expensive than going from a C52 to a C53.  
Is My McIntosh C52 Pre-amp The Weak Link?
Many thanks for all your responses, very helpful. The overwhelming consensus is; the C52 DA1 is the weak link. However, I don’t want to replace the C52, because, I also have a TT and R2R tape deck (15ips master tape copies are the ultimate in SQ f...