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How to prevent visitors from touching your system
Everyone I know does not touch, they may look and admire. I believe they respect the fact that it is not theirs, so no touchie touchie....  
best SACD player
Another vote for the Marantz Ruby, I love mine, but eventually will be moving up to the new Luxman D-07X sacd player.  
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Kimber Kable 12TC  
Klipsch Jubilee & Klipschorn Experience
My 1st home theater was a Klipsch Heritage 5.1 system back in 2000, with Klipschorns front, LaScalas rears, KLFC7 for centre, and Velodyne FSR18 subwoofer. All hooked up to a Marantz Reference SR18EX A/V Receiver and 5 MA700 mono blocks. All in a ... 
Streamers made in America?
@panzrwagn I would prefer any component made by ET. It would most likely be out of this world in comparison to what's made here.   
what cd player ?
Find a good used Marantz.   
Ozzy is done
He may be done touring but I don't think he's done making music, his voice is fine, that was proven at the NFL game where he performed at the end of last year and sounded great, especially for a guy his age.   
Best turntable under $4000
A vote for Gold Note, love my Mediterraneo, built and weighs as much as a tank.   
New Pink Floyd release
It makes me wonder what my 4 sealed, and 1NM play copy of the 30th Anniversary are worth now, considering back then I  paid $6.99 each from a record store that went out of business then.   
RIP Jeff Beck
RIP Jeff,  and thanks for the music and memories....  
Ultimate stereo nightmare
I’m in that older age bracket now, and the best move I’ve made was to get caster wheels for my Salamander A5 audio stand to get access easily now to the back. My hockey knees and back are especially grateful that I did.....  
Advice for a new analog system
Gold Note Mediterraneo with their phono stage and power supply.....  
Vinyl - One Word - WOW!!
What's a vinyl?!  
If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............
Supertramp, Crime if the Century or Even in the Quietest Moments, or both.....     .  
Power conditioner vs use of a audio grade outlet?
I'm using Audioquest 15amp nrg wall warts with my Niagara 1200 and 3000, which  plugged in with AQ Blizzard Extreme powercords. I went as far as to replace the plastic outlet covers with true wooden ones as well.