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ReL Subs: High Level or Low Level connection
@oddiofyl and @jastralfu, what crossover level setting would you recommend? I too, have a single Rel S510, and my speakers are 3-way, floorstanders (PMC Fact 12s). My integrated is darTZeel LHC-208 Mk2. Currently I have the crossover at 40Hz. Wou... 
REL S510 or S812
I also recently purchased a REL S510 for my 2-channel system to supplement my PMC Fact 12 3-way floorstander speakers in my den which is 12' x 17' x 10'h. Does exac tly what oddiofyl says; except I have it crossed over at 40 Hz. Fills in wonderful... 
What’s the best DAC < 6k (system specific)
+1 on the Aqua DACs. Their "entry" DAC is the La Voce S2 which I had in my system; and later upgraded it to their S3 (the upgrade was about $1,500 and requires it to be sent back to the factory in Italy). For my ears there wasn't a very discernibl... 
As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?
First heard hi-fi music at a basketball team celebration party at the home of our team sponsor in the mid-60's. He had a Fisher receiver and I don't remember the speakers. After hearing that clarity, I was off to the local hi-fi store in La Jolla,... 
$50k - $80k Budget…Opinions please.
Since you mentioned "organic" as your main criterion, you should audition both darTZeel and Gryphon integrated amps (both in $25K range). I heard both through Wilson Sabrinas. Having auditioned both, I went with darTZeel based on what I considered... 
Shipping Alternatives- US to Switzerland
@elrod Yes thanks, I've done that, and awaiting word back from Herv'e.   
Distinctly Digital Forever?
+1 on Aqua DACs. Starting with La Voce, then moving up the ladder (no pun intended) to La Scala, then to the Formula.  
Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time
Merle Haggard. If you don't feel this, you have no soul.   
RIP Christine McVie
+1 dadork  Over My Head and of course, Songbird. Always feel connected to herr when I hear these. An intimacy conveyed with her delivery. RIP Christine  
Looking at best option for 20-25k for DAC Streamer combo
Really like the natural sound of the Aqua Formula DAC (about$15,000), fed by an Innuos Zenith MK3 streamer (about $4,700 with 1TB). Roon capable. 1TB storage is 30% consumed by my loading about 5-600 CD's as WAV files. I'm not running the Innuos P... 
In praise of the duet.
Some really great duets are to be found on albums by "The Civil Wars" (in particular the song "20 Years"), or The Milk Carton Kids. Both are acoustic folk duos. Sadly The Civil Wars are no longer together.  
Best DACs under $7,000.00
Third vote for Aqua. I was impressed with the Aqua Voce S3 which really elevated my system. It’s less than the Aqua La Scala, around $4,700 new, or around $3,000 pre-owned if you can find one.   
Sub Confusion
Thanks @blisshifi for that info. And for clarification to others, the DarTZeel integrated does not have a pre out, so sub(s) will be connected to the main amp outputs. Looks like I should start with one S812, and save up over time for a second.  
Sub Confusion
Thanks to all for the valuable input. When I said I didn't need more bass, I meant what blisshifi said is exactly what I meant- "to clear up the frequency spectrum and deepen the soundstage". However, blisshifi, mentioned that other than the S812,... 
How do you make a final decision on a DAC
I can highly recommend the Aqua Voce S3. It transformed my whole library. Totally awesome sound. I recently upgraded to the Aqua Voce Fomula DAC, only because one used came available through my dealer at about half the new price. It was still more...