Ready to replace my stock power cables with a limited budget...Ideas, opinions, favorites please...




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If you can diy, then Furutech 14awg S022N. Price for 1m with plugs would be around 110$.

Perfect for sources and integrated amps of reasonable current draw.


Audience Forte and entry level Transparent are around your price, and are excellent..sometimes an older SR Master Coupler...

Cullen Cable makes high-value cables that get good reviews and customer feedback.  Best of luck. 

I like the looks of that Cullen Cable.  

I'll add to make sure you get 10 awg conductors.  In this price range many are light weight, which is ok for a low power component but not for an amp.


”this was under $100 pre Biden”

I was not aware the President is in the cable business, who would have thought?

If he isn’t in the cable business, just how did he personally make the price go up?

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@soix , my feelings exactly.  I do not see why the OP felt he had to add that to his post.  Perhaps something on FAUX entertainment riled him?

@stereo5 Just reporting factual prices before and after Jan 2020.  Don't ask me about gasolne.

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So, @carlsbad your implication was clearly that Biden caused the price of cables to increase. I know your ilk isn’t big on facts or evidence and more on just flouting unsubstantiated claims, but please regale us with your evidence on specifically how Biden is responsible for increasing the price of audio cables. I’d love to hear your economic analysis and could use a good laugh. I will stomp your argument into the ground if you continue this ridiculous statement because you clearly have no knowledge of global economics, but I’d be just as happy if you refrain from bringing partisan politics into our audio discussions. It brings no value, and go elsewhere for that please.

At that price point, I would buy Wattgate copper connectors and some Cardas wire and DIY.

Best to the OP in your  search for better music…

Can we please please please leave politics out of these discussions? Please!

I actually think power and speaker cables are fun to build. Others not as fun. For power I use DH Labs (Silver Sonic) top-end red bulk cable for amps and the one-rung down "Power Plus" for everything else. Wattgate connectors appropriate for the usage. I don't put braided sleeving on them because the stock cable's finish is easy to wipe down and power cables tend to get dustier than others.

Let’s go with power cables post Edison.  

GR Research and DH Labs, but complete cables still over your budget.

cullen, signal cable and pine tree audio all build excellent high value high performance cables i happily use

Perhaps @Tony1954, I might suggest a slight modification to your statement "The problems start when people start trying to think for themselves and become some sort of mental tofu."

I sometimes get a kick out of the members going back and forth on the political front. It can get to be too much though. Happy Friday ! Happy listening!

Supra Lorad 2.5 with connectors of your choice. Several nice reviews online you can check out.  

Maze Audio Litz with Billet plugs. 10 ga, great sound, beautiful. $100 for 3 feet.  

For those recommending Cullen, sent inquiry to them… absolutely NO response. 

@signaforce and others - just saw on Cullen’s site that he’s retiring and has sold the business to Wyred4Sound - not clear yet from their site which products they will continue. 

I actually kind of cracked up when I saw the Biden comment was literally the first response in this thread. The need to spout off with this kind of rhetoric while maintaining no understanding of economics, whether micro- or macro- is just astounding but 100% fits the "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge" paradigm Asimov described in (checks notes) good lord - 1980! 

It makes as much sense to say "this one was $100.00 before Weezer released OK Human".

@soix   Draw your own conclusions.  But I know of a guy who used to work in the same office who had a sign on his desk "The Buck Stops Here."


Don't hurt your feet stomping.



I built all of my power cables with Furutech components. Built to custom lengths for each unit. It was a un project. 

@hifiguy42 Wrote:

I actually kind of cracked up when I saw the Biden comment was literally the first response in this thread.

Me too!

I’ve purchased a handful of Signal Cables used...all the Magic Power Cable in various sizes. They come up occasionally preowned at good prices. But even new they are a great deal.

I can’t compare them to higher end cables but I can compare them to the standard IEC power cords that come with most components and in my stereo, I perceived instant improvement from inserting these...especially on my amp and preamp.

In terms of the DIY suggestions...are there any resources out there that illustrate various methods? This is something I’d like to try. Soldering or screwing terminations to raw cable seems simple enough but I know there are some more esoteric methods as well that may help with noise or filtering.

Since Biden didn't take office until January 2021, I guess it's the other guy's fault.


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@stereo5 Just reporting factual prices before and after Jan 2020.  Don't ask me about gasolne.

I ditto the Signal cable power cord, though it's a tad over $100. I have about 3 of their power cords, and assorted interconnects and one 10ft run of speaker cable.  The cables are all well made.  I first became aware of that company right here on Audiogon.  Good Luck!!


+1 for Cullen Canles. Great customer service. I replaced every power cable w/Cullen. Noticeable difference that my girlfriend noticed as well.

While Cullen does make excellent cables at a fair price, you will have to wait a while to receive them.  Even a couple years back when I ordered cables from him it took at least several weeks, with not the best communication from Patrick.  I think he is just swamped.  Anyway, my current favorite power cord under $100 is an 5N OCC silver one from Aliexpress.  It probably isn't really OCC silver, but it sounds really good on my DAC and my pre.

Draw your own conclusions.  But I know of a guy who used to work in the same office who had a sign on his desk "The Buck Stops Here."

@carlsbad Wow, that’s one impressive economic argument and exactly the depth I expected.  No need to stomp that.  Living in complete ignorance is so much easier than actually thinking — I’ll give you that.  Later. 

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it is usually best when the discussions here are about music and the gear that reproduces it

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Stretch your budget and go for a 1.5M cable, more versatile :-)



Look into old audio magic power cable , they have purple color pc it’s less than $80.It has huge soundstage.