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Warm, yet detailed tube preamp
+1 for VAC or Backert Labs  
Sometimes you just get lucky
My mistake at about the same time when I bought my first CD Player and disks was to sell or give away all my albums. Fast Forward 35 years, my wife bought me a TT as part of a package deal. At the time I had no Phono section in my gear but soon en... 
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
Just take a pair into the courtroom and measure them in front of the judge. They either can repeat the measurements and win, or fail to repeat and lose.  
Looking for integrated solid state amp for daily usage
Luxman 505uxii  
CD player/transport with exposed tubes?
The Sound Quest SQ-12 had a Modded version with tubes. I think the mods were by Granite. Steve Monte of Quest for Sound near me in Bristol PA builds some nice gear and speakers.      
Battle of the Open Baffles
Pure Audio Projects are awesome. I was at a club gathering a few years ago where the guys from PAP, Hattor, and Lampizator were demoing their gear. I heard the Trio with the voxitiv field coils driven by a Lampi Integrated, not on the market, and ... 
Finally got a Luxman
Poor Man here also with a 505UXII. Went from separates for convenience and ease of use for my wife and very happy. Drives a pair of Fyne Audio F502SPs with ease. The Phono is very good as well as the headphone section. Running my Rotel 1572 fully ... 
Floor to Bookshelf
I agree with the Fyne suggestion and I would stay with one of the SP versions. The 500SP on Grisly's list are very nice. I have the 502SPs and they are awesome.  
Entry CD player question?
I used a 1072 for many years and it is a great player. I only sold it to get the 1572.  
New blog post: Living with Focal Speakers
Nice write up Erik. I only have an older pair from when they were called JM Labs, a pair of Tantal 509s and yes, the tweeter is very bright and sometimes fatiguing. They are in a 3rd system so no biggie.  
Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?
My experience was a little backwards. Years ago I bought a whole used system that included Synergistic ICs and Speaker Cables. Since their original price was pretty high, I always assumed they were "better" than what I was using, mostly Tara Labs.... 
Recommendations for against the wall high efficiency speakers
Take a look at the Fyne Audio Vintage series between 93 and 96  
Wilson Sasha V
Does using Dayton Plate Amps in your Sub = Innovation?  
How to prevent visitors from touching your system
In early 2021 I took delivery of a pair of Fyne Audio F502SPs. I set them up wearing gloves and no human hands had touched them for over a year until one night in the dark I walked into one and had to grab it to stop it from falling. Not touched a... 
Best Forum to hear experienced audiophiles exchange thoughts?
If you want to talk about mostly HE and New gear, I would suggest run by the owner of Suncoast Audio in Sarasota.