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Another post about a streamer upgrade
forgot to mention I’m using the Innuos Pulse Mini with the 80watt version of the LHY power supply, the LPS80VA available from Vinshine ... 12V/5A and the Ifi Zen Stream with the 25watt version of the LHY supply, LPS25VA....12V/2A  
Another post about a streamer upgrade
Reporting back here on this thread that I started a few months ago. I 'upgraded' from an Ifi Zen Stream streamer to the Innuos Pulse_Mini streamer. I had been experiencing really annoying user interface issues with the Ifi and although it sounde... 
Magnepan “X” upgrade program
Curious if one could send in a pair of LRS’s for the x upgrade or if it only applies to newly purchased speakers?  
Power Supply For Innuos?
I’m using this LHY LPS80VA from Vinshine on my pulse mini with excellent results. 12V/5A    
Fritz Carrera 7 Be and 300B power amp?
There are at least two links on his website that are articles/reviews of his speakers being used with 8-watt 300B amps . I have successfully run my 88db Carbon 7 SE mkII’s with a 3.3 watt 2a3 SET amp and never was it close to running out of gas. ... 
Acoustic Zen - Hologram ii vs Satori
@johnah5 are both the hologram and satori very stiff? surprised to hear the spades are a pain...do you have pretty normal sized standard binding posts on your amp and speakers?  
Acoustic Zen - Hologram ii vs Satori
@audphile1  Interesting, I hadn't really thought of changing my interconnects.  I've been happy with the Triode Wire Labs Spirit ii RCA's in between the pre and power amp as well as between the dac and pre.  But that is something to think about. ... 
Belles preamplifiers -- experiences at different levels?
Can’t comment yet , but I have an Aria preamplifier on the way. Will be pairing it with a Van Alstine Ultravalve (their out-of-production, updated ST-70, EL34 tube power amp) Speakers are Falcon ls3/5a’s or Fritz Carbon 7’s I’m really hoping th... 
on the cheap
I also bought the WiiM pro + on a discount from Amazon for about 175 for a 3rd system. even the built in dac is more than acceptable depending on use-case and who’s listening, and what it’s connected to. Had mine connected via WiFi and plugged i... 
Add a digital coax in /out tube pre-amp
As a pass through? Or do you mean to install a dac inside the pre?   
New Falcon ls3/5a Silvers in the house
Follow up  my Yamaha CA-2010 needs service. Yes it sounds good , but there are issues. (1) There is a certain amount of channel dropout .  I’m not sure if it’s the pot (which is a fancy 8-gang sealed Alps unit) or something else. i had the amp s... 
Fritz Carbon 7 SE MKII
I purchased a pair of Carbon 7 se mkii’s from John in 2022.  They are paired with a Van Alstine power amp and preamp. They are lovely sounding speakers.  Very engaging but not showy.  They aren’t hyper detailed and just present as natural and rela... 
New Falcon ls3/5a Silvers in the house
@treepmeyer to be honest I don’t think I really can as I’ve only spent less than a week with the ls3/5a’s and they are in 2 different systems in 2 different houses.. But... The Carbon 7’s are much bigger, go much much lower, have an incredibly d... 
New Falcon ls3/5a Silvers in the house
@nealkot  also agree with you on the Abdullah Ibrahim recording. I listened to it last week when it was released and am listening again now. It’s a lovely record and perfect for the ls3/5a’s  
New Falcon ls3/5a Silvers in the house
@crustycoot  yes , I hear you and am not determined to get something else.  As I said in my post I am just wondering if the speakers performance could be improved upon via a different amp. I’m new to ls3/5a’s so don’t have a lot of experience wi...