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How Long Is Too Long?
Bad examples could be from small and big brands. Hope that this is solved soon.  Why don't you ask for a replacement?  
Furutech Mains Power Cables Hierarchy & Differences
Your question has two extremes in pricing, TCS31 and Nanoflux, though all wire thickness range lies between 11-12awg. My understanding for the sweet spot would be the DPS 4.1, but also that finished cables sound better. The other issue is that wir... 
Curious to know what you guys think/like about Pink Floyd's early work
Success is not always relevant with new music horizons. If they stopped at DSOTM it would be fine. Only break with new sound was Animals, but thankfully those years punk exploded, after that boredom and repetitiveness.      
Herbies tube damper tightness
On the instructions it says that you can open them slightly, finger pressure. 6h30 is a sturdy tube, putting a damper may not be a good idea sonically.  
Why Do Cables Matter?
And all fish taste alike! Remove the sense of sight and all wire sounds alike!   
@lorde73, FI-E38G & FI-28G. It came out a nice match.  
Cable differences -- power, interconnect, digital, and in what order?
I tend to agree with that: As in most high end audio, it depends. But they are all important and there are many exceptions. For me now everything including power, speaker cable, pre- power amp interconnect, phono interconnects (arm and stage ... 
Shortest Product Demo Ever: Had to Hit the Eject Button and Get the #*@% Out of There?
Shows are generally fair, you can get good and bad experience both in gear and music, but ultimately i enjoy meeting with friends and have a talk.   
6DJ8 vs. 6922?
They are interchangeable and they are not, all depends on the circuit. Strangely enough many ECC88 sound better with more air and musicality compared to their bigger cousins like E88CC and E188CC. Unfortunately they do not last as long but still ... 
Furutech FP-TCS31 With FI-28 (R) Better than Virtual Dynamics Nite II Cord? Please Help
I have not listened to the Nite but i am using for a long time the tcs31 with your mentioned plugs and i like it a lot. Currently using it on my preamp though i had great results with it when connected on my SACD player. Please note that in this ... 
Amps on top?
Is there any other reason appart from weight and speaker cable length?  
Audio Research filing for bankruptcy?
Better get service manuals and schematics just in case, you never know.  
Help with Dunlavy SC-IV signature
Dunlavys are 92db but were always better driven with good powerful solid state. Requirement 100w in 4ohms min. Their resistance varies from 3-7,5ohms. Needs too many tubes if going for good volume.     
New amps
For this reason also I no longer believe in swapping a component out and seeing which is better. Living with a piece and trying to design the system with it in mind helps to further uncover its strengths and weaknesses to the rest of your system.... 
Help with Dunlavy SC-IV signature This may prove helpful. Good luck.