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Your thoughts on best audiophile speakers in $10,000 neighborhood?
@yesiam_a_pirate Dont you mean Audio Dimensions? I grew up in Birmingham and spent many hours there… bought a used ARC SP-3a1 from Harry - wish I still had it.  Was. Very sad when he retired last year due to health issues   
Looking for integrated solid state amp for daily usage
Belles Aria - various versions in your price range  
New Falcon ls3/5a Silvers in the house
Nice.  I think you’ll like that combination - I had original LS3/5a’s and a Dynaco ST70 back in the 1970’s and it was my first taste of higher end sound. Had an RB10 as well more recently and think you’d have to spend a lot more to do better.   
Transport Recommendations
@vinylvalet i have the Shanling on order; will report back after I get it later this week. Seems to check all the boxes for $750. I had the Audiolab previously and liked it- sold it as I was concerned about the talk of the slot loading potentially... 
Can a DAC do double duty?
Agree with the advice above - not issues with using two inputs to the Pontus However where I ran into an issue with the Pontus (which I love by the way) was in trying to hook up both outputs of the Pontus at the same time.  I wanted to run RCA in... 
Aurender Music Server and CD Transport comparison
May want to check the Shanling ET3.  Supposed to beat the Schiit but haven’t seen any detailed reviews yet. $750  
Recommendations on integrated amps
+1 for the used AVR suggestion - either Denon or Yamaha.  You can get them for less than $100 used on Facebook Marketplace.  If it breaks (unlikely);then just get another   I would stay away from tubes in that environment   
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k
@mlsstl That was sort of the intent of my original question - to see if anyone is “doing it all” (for me at least).  From everything here and my research, if does seem that LTA is alone in giving equal attention to both the headphone and speaker o... 
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k
@timlub Never heard of SST but interesting product. Out of my price range and looks like a preamp only - appreciate the info  
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k
@leemaze yes - other equipment listed in the initial post and also my virtual system (click on my ID)  
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k
@ghdprentice Exactly! I tried out a PS Audio BHK preamp thinking I could get both; impressed by the preamp, headphone out was thin and fatiguing - even though the reviews said it was good… LTA appears so far to be an exception from what I can see.... 
Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k
@soix Thanks for the input.  The MZ2 was under consideration but concerned if 1w is sufficient, although I’m in a small room ad typically listen at 85db or less.  I will check with Omega as they are the ones who made me aware of LTA.  Regarding th... 
list of speakers
Nice! Well done.    
DAC with i2S
Need to mention Denafrips Pontus II - not sure how soundstage compares but very nice happy with mine.   
Your Not-So-Obvious Best Fidelity LPs
Buddy Guy - A Man and The Blues on Vanguard - from the 60’s when he was playing a grittier, more sparse style.