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My Luxman Integrated has AC Inlet Envy
@ditusa We all have our own opinions and experiences.  
Moved Audio Quest cable to my DAC. WOW
I too have an engineering background. I also have degrees in Physics and Nuclear Engineering. I enjoy seeing laypeople laugh at engineers. True scientists are indeed skeptical. Google educated scientists jump on simple concepts and get it wrong a... 
My Luxman Integrated has AC Inlet Envy
Eric, I read this yesterday and decided to wait and see what you had to say about replacing the male fitting on the amp. I don't have any experience with Luxman so I can't answer your actual question. With Furutech not being the pancea that most... 
Forced to DIY
In my long life I have tried to escape DIY many times, almost always with disappointment.  I did find a good tile guy.  the flooring company was extremely disappointing.  I've never found anyone to do work on my cars that was satisfactory.  Many t... 
Moved Audio Quest cable to my DAC. WOW
What power cord did you put on your amp? My experience is that power cords make more difference on the amp.  It could be that the power cord you put on your amp is what made the improvement.  Audioquest makes many power cables that are not heavy ... 
Dummy Speaker Load
I use speakers and listen.  Breakin is exaggerated I just as well listen to it. but if you insist, here are enough resistors for you and 4 friends to break in your amps for $9.    Just clamp one lead in each binding post. https://www.amazon.com/... 
Need stand for LG TV and Sonus Sound-bar model help
 Maybe if you're lucky you won't find an answer and will move away from the sound bar.  
what to do with a stereo that needs repair
PM sent.    
Setting up home office
Go Roon, then your music plays from the Roon server and your desktop becomes just the controller with no impact on the sound quality.    
Vibration isolation or absorption?
Spikes couple the speaker or component to what it is sitting on. Generally not a good thing in my opinion and experience. The speaker should be allowed to vibrade at the driven frequencies. To do this isloate it on springs. Same with components t... 
Power Cable for CDP
If a CDP is a CD player, then spend your money on a transport and a good DAC instead.  
Power Cable for CDP
What is a CDP?  
How to pack floor standing speakers for shipping
I'm never afraid to ship and I generally quote my prices shipped.   But I never try to convince someone who won't ship that they should.  first, they may not package the item well.  second if something does happen, then you are in a bad situation... 
Making DC power cable with 3 wires
@gte357s OK. I looked up your nami stremer and it’s typical power consumption is 11W which is less than 1 amp. So 16 awg is plenty big, a good choice for that connector. I would put a single conductor on the positive and use the extra conductor to... 
Let's see your office systems
The SVS pro with phone ap control is awesome.