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Pass XP-17 and Hana ML loading question
If the XP17 is brand new, it can take some time to break in.  
Would changing to a MC solve my problem?
The H390 specifications do not give the amplifier’s input sensitivity nor does it give the line stage gain figure (most likely just attenuation with no gain).  I would email Hegel to get the amp’s input sensitivity in order to gain match the sourc... 
Auditioning Used Equipment - Am I crazy ?
If a dealer will not audition the equipment he has for sale, then why bother having a brick and mortar store? The customer does not rely on the store to make a living, therefore, it is incumbent on the dealer to develop relationships.   
Would you still pay $10k or more for a turntable not full analog front end these days ?
The answer will depend on if you already have a substantial record collection. If I was starting out today with no records, I would not be investing in a turntable. Cost of new records has become a barrier to entry for new vinyl enthusiasts.  
Need to replace my Sonic Frontiers Power 3's
SF uses sacrificial resistors to protect the amp from a failing tube.  It could something as simple as a burnt resistor.   
Qualities Of An End-game System
OP, you forgot one crucial point..."and a retail audio customer disappears"    
The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change
Variety is the spice of life….  
What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?
25% Discount code  
Bryston 7B3 vs 4B3: Extra Cost Worthwhile?
As you get up in years, system simplicity becomes a bonus!  
Rigid outlets for Heavy cables
Very useful "tweak", even for non-audio related purposes.  
Subwoofer with XP-22 in unity gain
@goleksiak, the 89db setting is just telling the user where on the volume scale is 0db, i.e. no gain or attenuation.  Also, if you set input 1 at 89, all other inputs by default will be set at 89. This could be a recipe for disaster.  Why not use ... 
Subwoofer with XP-22 in unity gain
Please read your manual more carefully.  Input 5 is the Home Theatre (unity gain) pass thru function.    
What’s wrong with these McIntosh Monoblocks?
Most tube amplifiers require a speaker load present, therefore, if the amp is ran unloaded, the fuses will fail to protect the output transformer.    
where I can buy tubes to my ALLNIC PRE (3A/110A and 3A/109B)
How about contacting Allnic?  
OCD mickey website and negativity.
If you don’t like his persona or his views, simply don’t subscribe to his channel.  I see no need or purposes of posting a negative comment(s).