Flexible Power Cords

I'm looking to replace my bevy of power cords with a consistent set. 

I want flexible cords for obvious reasons. I'm tired of those power cords stiff as a stick.

I need length up to 3m. I'd buy Nordost now except that they don't come in anything greater than 2m.

I am looking on the budget end. (I need eight of them.)


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I don't need 8 3m cords - I need 8 cords, with a max length of 3m. That's two of them. The rest will be 1 or 1.5m.

The Cullen crossovers are reasonably flexible. Not floppy like Puritan, but sort of like pipe cleaners so you can bend them (within reason) to a shape and they will hold it. The connectors are also very good with a solid fit. The Puritans are extremely soft and floppy, but approximately 3x the cost.  I haven’t heard them, so I can’t compare sonically. 

DIY your own from link, below.  I'm a big fan of DH Labs Encore, since I am a believer in shielded power cords with all the network/streaming things I have around this house.



I'm not sure what you consider budget end price wise, but there are two cables with which I've had good experience.  Cardas, clear reflection in my case, high quality, neutral and very flexible.  Cardas are moderately expensive.  Also, Kimber Base PK10.  Good solid performing, flexible power cable at a much less expensive price point.

2 meter lengths is the minimum recommended length for power cords. Good quality power cords act like conditioners and two meters provides more than shorter lengths. I had the opportunity to compare a couple of the same brands on my system and there was a notable improvement in two meters over one.

Take a look at the DH Labs Power Plus Cryo - exceptional performance and very flexible at a price that won't break the bank.

      Try these:


     I've been using Zu's Mothers for a couple decades, on all of my sources, with excellent results and can't imagine a rationale for replacement.

                                  VERY flexible!



+1 Audio Envy are excellent.  Lightweight, flexible, OCC wire, tight grip, perform way above their price point.  Captain does a great job with his cords.

TWL Seven Plus


older Shunyata Taipan Alpha Helix, Python Alpha Helix. 

I use "molded" cords from Furutech (#FP-320 Ag) or Oyaide (Axis-303) for everything but amps. They are flexible, made with proprietary, high quality materials and have air tight construction.  Around $120-150 each.

Oyaide AXIS-303 GX 2.8m Power Cable 100% Genuine Brand NEW Japan Purple |  eBay


@g9taylor  , I just did a quick search on the Kimber Base PK10; is it a shielded cord?

@carlsbad2  , wouldn't shielded be advised for digital sources?



The recommendation by @Lak and @tksteingraber is excellent. Audio Envy make custom-built excellent sounding power cords that also happen to be very flexible. They beat out some power cords I had that were anywhere from $1,200/per to $2,600/per. And they will make them whatever length you need. 

Audioquest dragon PC are the BEST. Comes in 3 M too. They have for Source and HC. I have 6 dragon PCs. 👍

Cullen,Triode Wire Lab,Audio Envy, WireWorld, JPS Wire Labs.are all flexible and good quality.

I haven’t bought powerchords yet, but at research neotech and furutech were intresting. Audio connexion/ parts connexion had a bogo on audience f3, last time I looked. Canadian based and not sure if there are tariffs, but it might be worth a look. Good luck.


Kimber PK10 is not a shielded cable. It is a very flexible. I used to own these and they are a very nice cable for the money. Agree to use shielded on digital but I never felt the PK10 Gold introduced noise.My memory was the cable was a little on the soft side, rolled off and maybe a little closed in; still a nice cable.


Neotech and Furutech can be bought as a bulk cable in The States from VH Audio who I believe still advertises here. Chris is great to work with and if one is a little handy, building one’s own cables can save some money. I buy from VH Audio often and in fact made a purchase this past evening. If you’re new to building cables, Chris will answer emails and give advice.


Very happy with my Straight Wire Pre Thunder power cords and they are nice and flexible and sound great.  Warm and detailed versus bright and analytical like some others I have tried in my home.

I have been very pleased with my Audio Envy power cords and the balanced interconnects far exceeded their price point. Both are very flexible.

@jmalen123  , I just took a look on Audio Envy's site and I was wondering which power cables you have.  Also, Audio Envy does not say anything about being shielded, so I assume that they are not?

@immatthewj , Ocean Elite were the cables I purchased. Call and talk to the Captain, and he will answer all your questions and maybe even have some suggestions. Actually, he talked me out of the more expensive Mega cables as all my equipment is very low current draw. Mine was an excellent experience through the whole process.

I like your idea of getting similar power cords.  Check out Audioquest. One thing to keep in mind is that you can get cords that have different characteristics.  For example, if you go with Audioquest they make a different cord for components that do not fluctuate a lot with power changes like a Streamer or dac and then different cords for components like an amplifier. 

I think for the money this is a good way to go because there are many offerings within the brand and you’ll have the same general sound characteristics. 

Good luck and let us know how you make out. 

Highly suggest Supra Lorad 2.5 if you are into DIY.  Super flexible, affordable, high performance cable. Custom make all your cables to the exact size you want.

Not floppy like Puritan, 

That was my first thought- can't get any more flexible than Puritan's. 

DHLabs several choices, Ice Age Audio OFC "Frankencable" $260 1 meter - $380 3 meter, Anti-Cables Level 3 $330 1 or 1.5 meters - $490 3 meters (Anti-Cables has a 20% sale on power cables through 2/29 with code LEAP20PC).....I just ordered 2.

Wisdomcable are excellent, Jim can make the length you need. Very knowledgeable 

Wireworld power chords are known to be flexible. Check out the stratus and aurora..

For sound quality I unhesitatingly agree on Audio Quest Storm (as high as possible), definitely for amps… I would ignore flexibility on this one). Unfortunately they are not real flexible. Personally, sound quality is way more important to me than flexibility.


Most of my power cords are Transparent. The are reasonably flexible. 

Learn to build them yourself.  It's great fun choosing the components and building them just the lengths you want.  I have been doing it for years,  DHLABS Encore and Power Plus are both very flexible and available in bulk, they make excellent power cords, and you can save a lot of money. 

Many other options available for the DIYer.

It's interesting that Audio Envy provides this comparison, but they did not disclose the size of the wire they use for the power cable. Does anyone happen to know?


Morrow Cables. Very very supple.  I want from AQ to Acoustic Zen to Nordost to Morrow. Happy with the Morrow sound. And I’m using mid level MAP3s. With my morrow ICs and speaker cables, I’ve notice a positive benefit each time I climbed the ladder. 

Forgot- Crystal Cable. Thin and flexible, at least in the lesser models. I don’t know how much current those thin cables can handle, but they certainly are flexible. 

I like the red cloth covered power cables that came with my Audion MK3’s - they are deliciously flexible and fat and work well with the Audions in that they tame just a tad the ferocious dynamics of the amps. Flexible power cables work best with the small monoblocs which can be upended and tworked around by stiff cables Been trying to buy some more of them to parse out to my pre and DAC for "family of sound" sound, but have not heard back from the dealer. They are not branded cables unless Audion has informally branded them "Audion." I have the suspicion that they are not true "audiophile" cables but were picked purely for synergy with the Audions which does make them audiophile - for Audion.


Morrow Cables. Very very supple.  I want from AQ to Acoustic Zen to Nordost to Morrow. Happy with the Morrow sound. And I’m using mid level MAP3s. With my morrow ICs and speaker cables, I’ve notice a positive benefit each time I climbed the ladder. 

Which model? 

Audioquest __________ to Acoustic Zen _____________ to Nordost _____________ to Morrow ______________ .

I recently loomed out my system with the discontinued Shunyata Delta NR V2 power cables in 6 foot lengths. The Audion Mk3 amps alone use Anticable Level 3 cables to slightly warm things up and boost bass. Very nice to arrive at this place.

I second Morrow. I use their Elite PC for a 7' extension from wall to PSA P15. With sales and trade in less than a $1000.00