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Vintage Turntable Recommendation
How about an AR table? Perfect match with your vintage Allison's. If you like to tinker, these are great plinths/motors to start with. Abundant mods and better arm choices.  
If you have a nice system why do you really need room treatments?
Plus two on the leaf blowers. Damn them to hell I say.  
Am I right for this forum?
I play cello and guitar; my wife plays piano, my daughter piano and violin. We play those instruments in the same room occupied by my main audio system, and so I can attest to the "fidelity" of that system’s reproduction. ^This. Given your tra... 
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
Box losses [4 leaking holes] are easy to predict and measure. Furthermore, once we get into the 5-10 watt range the air pressure jets in and out of them at speeds above Mach1 and they get audible. Hard to fathom a top-notch reviewer not discernin... 
Posting images triggers "You have been blocked by Audiogon" page
Anyone try cut-and-paste?  
For the love of...kits?
@curiousjim, Musical Concepts still designs sota driver boards for Haflers and Adcom. John  recently developed a board for the B&K's as well.  And if you're still attached to your Dynaco gear, check out Erhard Audio for his kits... https://... 
Flexible Power Cords
I use "molded" cords from Furutech (#FP-320 Ag) or Oyaide (Axis-303) for everything but amps. They are flexible, made with proprietary, high quality materials and have air tight construction.  Around $120-150 each.    
Source suggestions for small spades
I use connectors from Anticable...https://anticables.com/speaker-wires/2-channel Minimalist designs, pure copper. They even have "vintage" pure copper spades which I believe to be what you are looking for.  
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
He liked Telefunken U47’s too... Or at least Dale Bozzio did. 😉  
The new NSMT Model 100 Speakers
Yes, Congrats. Interested in your thoughts as well. Always enthused by their high efficiency design and wide band driver use. These 100's are not cheap however. I would also like to hear (read) how they compare with Tektons or even other $10k + sp... 
Klipsch Heresy IV vs. The World!
Omega's should be on your list for sure, different sound albeit. I am a staunch supporter of small business. The Pi recommendation is really in your wheel house. Also similar, Audiokinesis has some offerings that you may like. Again the designer, ... 
Klipsch Heresy IV vs. The World!
Well I didn't get in before you pulled the trigger.   If the Devore's don't stick around... I would try Wayne Parham at Pi Speakers in Bella Vista, Arizona. He has a few models that fit your request. They are custom made and you have options on ... 
The Snob Appeal Premium
^ A big +1 to the Canadian made Brystons.  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Joshua Miles makes musical instruments that are as pleasing to the eyes as the ears. The finest parts available tailored to your personal preference in woods and finishes.  I can personally speak to the fit and finish and exceptional sound qual... 
So you just took a gummie...What song is on the menu?
sativa strain = Deadmou5 - "Seeya" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jL2DPylmhE indica strain = Cannons - "Purple Sun" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzZjG9B9_Ug