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False advertising
I have a T+A DAC 200 and the specs show   T+A-True-1Bit DSD D/A converter, up to DSD 1024 (49,2 MHz), native bitstream I hope that helps.  
Phone stage with 2 inputs
The Gold Note PH-10 has 2 sets of phono inputs and settings for each.  
What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?
Hi Chris- not sure about the Total Contact, but have experience with the Walker SST - that is NOT a cleaner- it was a contact enhancer that was silver based and some sort of oil/lubricant that made it easier to apply, but that dried out over  time... 
Analog2Fidelity At Munich High End 2024 Introduces Worldwide Koetsu Rebuilding Service
Art Manzano is/was the owner and/or manager of Axiss Audio.  Axiss distributes Air Tight, Accuphase, Souloution, Transrotor and some others.  I know there was a change in ownership about a year ago at Axiss, so maybe this is Art's way of keeping b... 
Power cords: does length matter?
Hi Matthew- actually the theory is that power supplies are myopic - they really only react to what is closest to them.  That is why an upgraded power cord does result in upgraded performance even after hundreds of feet of romex in front of it.  An... 
This One has Me Stumped
well - issue is that the XP-12 has a VERY high output impedance (22k ohms).  That'll certainly cause the distortion you are hearing.  The recommended input impedance for the amplifier should be 10 TIMES the output impedance of the pre and unfortun... 
Good small/single outlet power conditioner for preamp.
Take a look at the Audience AR2P conditioner - it has surge protection and does a nice job cleaning up the AC.  Should solve the problem with the preamp.  
Do I have to get a CD player to sample DSD on my digital rig?
Tweak1 - you are mistaken.  The Audiolab  will play the cd res track on an SACD, but not the sacd format itself.  That requires a different laser mechanism.  It also is not copy protected, so SACD digital output to a free-standing DAC is not possi... 
Roon and qobuz update problem?
I performed the update this morning and had no issues whatsoever with Roon or Qobuz.  A re-boot should fix you up.  
Flexible Power Cords
Take a look at the DH Labs Power Plus Cryo - exceptional performance and very flexible at a price that won't break the bank.  
Recommendation Repair Technician
Let's see - awful amp design and the company closed its doors.  Anyone else see a connection?  Why would you seriously want to keep and use an amp for "a very very long time" when it self destructs due to poor design?  
Query on power cable with IEC C13 and US 2-prong
All of the pictures of the back of your transport that I have seen show that it takes a standard C13 power cord  and there IS a ground pin, so YES - the wall plug should also be a standard 3 prong US wall plug, NOT a 2 pin without a ground.  
Hum in speakers, and suggestions for stopping it
I would get an inexpensive AC line tester (Home Depot/Lowes) and check that the outlet you are using is wired correctly and also ( just for jollies) check the outlet that the PowerPlant is wired correctly as well.  Fix whichever one is the problem... 
Cable upgrades
HI James - your best bet is going to be using something like Synergistic Research Foundation interconnects for the bigger soundstage and extended upper frequencies.  and YES - your cables should be the same length.  Why would you fool around with ... 
Rutherford Audio
Rutherford Audio is an excellent company that handles a lot of different products, but mostly specialize in turntables/analog.  GREAT people to work with, by the way!