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Flexible Power Cords
If you want extreme flexibility, then Puritan is the way to go.  
McIntosh MCD12000 vs. Luxman D-10X vs. Technics SL-G700M2
Just curious, but is there a reason you're not considering the other Luxman players, the 07x and the 03x, a bit closer in price point to the Technics?  
AGD Tempo in the house
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
Let me just add one thing that Scott didn't mention.  The Weiss has two small toggle switches on the back that let you adjust down the output of the DAC by -10, -20 or -30dB.  As this is a straight-forward DAC you will be using it with your preamp... 
AGD Tempo in the house
Before it gets taken down, for reference, here is the full text accompanying the referenced YouTube video.   Skip navigation           Sign in               0:02 / 16:54   Is Gallium Nitride "better than" Silicon in C... 
AGD Tempo in the house
I believe AGD dropped him as a dealer some time ago.  Some short time after that event OCD came out with a video saying some Jeff Roland class D amp was better. I got my Tempo from Verdant.  
What to do with a large collection
There is a lively trade in used classical CDs on Amazon.  Of course, the rarer ones command higher prices.  One of the USA-based companies that does a lot of business there is Decluttr. Entertainment | Sell DVDs, Compact Discs & Books | Declu... 
Please recommend King Crimson albums…
This is exactly what you are looking for.  Pete Sinfield's solo album.  
USB Cable
far left: Apple Thunderbolt 4, $129 middle left: Amazon Basics middle right: NiceTQ, $5.59 far right: ATYFUER, $3.89  
USB Cable
X-ray of our different USB-C cables.  Yup, they're all identical!  
XLR cables for a reasonable price?
XLR Cable and Chassis Connector Grounding "Neutrik is often asked whether the shiny silver tab on typical XLR cable connectors should be connected to anything." "In the course of the evolution of the AV industry, it has come to be that this ta... 
DACs with switchable high/low gain (output) settings
Demo Weiss DAC 204 incoming for a home trial.  If it does what I'm hoping it does, I'll get a 205, as that has all the features (few) that I need. Honestly surprised that more brands don't offer this feature.  Not everyone wants to run their DAC ... 
Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
No love for the Simaudio 260D? https://simaudio.com/en/product/260d-cd-transport-with-optional-dac-2/ The Primare DD35 seems to go completely unnoticed. https://primare.net/product/dd35-cd-transport/ At a lower price point, there's the Primare... 
Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
Brand new and very promising. https://teac.jp/int/product/vrds-701t/top    
Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?
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