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Thumper’s Mother
I, along with apparently a number of others, appreciate this thread. I used to spend an inordinate amount of time here until 5-6 years ago. I left because the atmosphere went from fun and friendly to a real lack of civility. Anyway, I'm not back, ... 
Andrew Singer Of "Sound by Singer" passed away yesterday
@jjss49  "btw -- this should remind all of us too that life is indeed very short, don’t dwell on negativity, be positive and don’t let tortured souls we meet in life drag us down" Thanks for this. It makes the forum better.  
New Aurender conductor V4 app
@audphile1  That works, thank you! Regards  
New Aurender conductor V4 app
iPad + N10  
New Aurender conductor V4 app
@audphile1  Just tried that, but it is not working for me.  
New Aurender conductor V4 app
+1 @lalitk  been using V4 for months and I find it worth the slight struggle to get used to it for the automatic suggestions in the queue alone. I love all the new music I’m hearing for sure. would like it if tracks could be reordered in a playl... 
BTO Not Fragile
I think this was the first 'new' record I had; it was a Christmas gift. Pretty sure my middle brother still has it after all these decades. As someone mentioned, it spent a lot of time on my turntable and I remember it being a great record. Thanks... 
Flexible Power Cords
@paulfolbrecht   The recommendation by @Lak and @tksteingraber is excellent. Audio Envy make custom-built excellent sounding power cords that also happen to be very flexible. They beat out some power cords I had that were anywhere from $1,200/pe... 
Audio envy - dang!
@lalitk  I've noticed that PD before. Looks like a great piece. I sent you over more info on AE that may be helpful. In the end, I'd probably ask Cap about the correct pairing of power cord for the PD. Later  
Audio envy - dang!
I've had an Expanded for a few months and I'm getting the same results as well.  
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
@bigtwin  Thanks for the detailed update. Will be very interested to read about your new home and room! Cheers  
Network optimization for serious streamers
@tonywinga  Thanks for sharing! Very interesting stuff. I understand you spoke about the 'silver plated wire' in anonymity, but I'm not sure who sells Network cables that have this topology, except I am assuming Nordost does. Do you mind sharing... 
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
I've read this thread through twice now. What a great detailed account of the thought processes involved and the culmination of a finished system (mostly I guess). I am sure that the discussions of your interactions with dealers was not only helpf... 
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
Do like the clean look of your latest equipment placement. Must sound amazing!  
Aurender Conductor app reliability and user experience
@lalitk  @robertkpax  Like lalitk says, Conductor does what it is supposed to do and it does it with ease. Unlike lalitk, I've only been using my N10 for five years, but it has been pretty uneventful. The only problem I've had was found to be th...