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Eversolo or Aurender: Options and Opinions
I was running the Denafrips Gaia DDC and Venus II DAC and I fed it with the SOtM  SMS-200 Ultra Neo with SPS-500 power supply and it was a killer combination. That’s right at $1,750 and the sound was detailed but easy to listen to.  A very natural... 
Stuff You Tried To Love
I bought a Benchmark preamp because it had nearly perfect specs and when I put it in my system it was just dull and lifeless.  I ran it for a month constantly and it just never seemed to sound good at all.  There was a time in my life where I boug... 
Flexible Power Cords
Very happy with my Straight Wire Pre Thunder power cords and they are nice and flexible and sound great.  Warm and detailed versus bright and analytical like some others I have tried in my home.  
Berkeley Audio Design and MQA?
I love MQA, it makes me happy.  Even my cat frolics while we listen with joy.  I dare you to come over and tell me it doesn’t sound amazing.  Your critical thoughts on MQA are fine, but in reality, it sounds really good.  Maybe not at your house, ... 
Help With New Preamp Decision
I recently learned of First Sound Audio and a friend of mine has one and absolutely loves it.  No remote, though.  I would love to try one in my system.  Does anyone else have experience with first sound audio?  
New classe delta preamp and classe stereo amp?
The DAC is excellent.  Very detailed and easy to listen to.  I also have the HifiRose 150b which is a tad warmer, but they are both very comparable.  The PRE is perfect for 2.1 because of the crossover, time-alignment, and available parametric EQ.... 
New classe delta preamp and classe stereo amp?
I have the PRE and MONOs and absolutely love them. The sound is very detailed, but listenable and smooth for long periods of time. It just sounds natural and right with my KEF Blades. My last amp was the Parasound JC5 which is such a great amp but... 
best cost no object single unit streamer/dac combo you have ever heard?
I have not heard it for myself, but the unit I would love to try is the Exasound S82 mk II.  I especially like the fact it has a Roon core built in, great streamer, preamp functionality, and purportedly, a killer DAC.  Currently using the HifiRose... 
Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?
That happened to me when I upgraded to more expensive silver cables.  They were far brighter in my system which led to listening fatigue.  I mostly stick with copper and my system sounds better than ever.  I noticed a big difference also when I we... 
Rel t9x or Rythmik F12G
Rhythmik all the way.  I ran them with Magnepans and it was amazing.  You have to spend a lot more money on the REL to best the Rhythmik.  
Recommendations for 7 channel amp
NAD M28 is a wonderful 7 channel amplifier.  Very detailed and powerful.  
Best Full-Function Preamplifier
It sounds like you are talking about the Classe Delta PRE.  It sounds amazing and has the perfect complement of features including a great phono stage.  I love mine and I threw the HDMI card in there to get ARC from my TV.  No complaints.  I’ve al... 
Stereophile review of Millercarbon system featuring Tektron speakers
His room was one of the only setups that created a good depth to the sound stage. Great performance for the dollar for his room.  
TV audio into DAC via eARC or better
My system is setup like yours.  I run ARC from the TV into my HifiRose streaming DAC or Classe preamp and it works well but there are many times where it doesn’t get the “handshake “ and I need to switch sources and then it works.  Optical is more... 
Can the level of pleasure derived from music be measured?
Dang, I thought this was a Kenji post,