B&W CM9 










I've owned relatively few speakers compared to other components.


Definitive Technology towers don't remember the model.

Soliloquy 5.2 floorstanders

Sonus Faber Grand Piano the original version

Alon Lotus SE Mk IIIs

Jmlab Micro Utopia the original version

Audio Note AN-J/lx's current speakers.

Cerwin Vega AT-12 - Blew these up in college.  I was the scourge of my dorm,  glorious bass & epic volume that sounded best after 12am.  

Wharfedale Diamond 7.2 - The Diamond series has one of the best price/performance ratios.  The gateway speaker for audiophiles, and a mature replacement for the Vegas. 

Dynaudio Contour 1.8mkII, center and 1.1-  First home theater, and first real audiophile speakers.  My "I''m an adult now and have a job" gift to myself. I've had these for almost 25 years and just recently retired them (actually the 1.1's are still in use in my office).  Perfect all-arounders, never harsh, rounds the rough edges of poor recordings, fantastic bass and that Dynaudio midrange. The only flaw is that they require a too much power to properly fill a large room.  Words can't express how much I love these speakers, I bought my next speakers out of respect and appreciation for them. 

Dynaudio Heritage Special- Ok so this is what another 25 years of research and development from the best manufacturer on the planet will bring you.  The esotar3 is a masterpiece.  The detail and refinement is state of the art.  In a medium sized room these are end game.  My forever speakers.

Klipsch Forte IV- I just got these so still very new to me, but after trying a few high efficiency designs settled on the Forte's to solve my big room issue.  These get better and better as you move up the Heritage line, but the Cornwalls are very awkward looking and too close in performance to the Forte, and the La Scalas are too big and heavy.  Who knows though, maybe the next house.


There is an already-existing thread for this


Mariah LS-2 (1982-84)

Energy Pro-22 (1984-85)

Merlin 2B+ (1985)

Merlin 4B+ (1986-89)

Sterling Acoustics Acumen II (1989 - present)

Around 2020 I ran across an old pair of Merlin Signature 3 that I refurbed/refoamed ,and gave to my youngest son as a grad school present.  Have also had various "2nd system" speakers over the years...AR, Spectrum, Paradigm, Mission, Monitor Audio, Sterling Acoustics ST-10, ST-20, Klipsch, Tannoy.

Vandersteen 1c 90s

Totem Forrest next

JBL4313 -- still have

B&W C202 -- still have

Aerial 10t #! -- Check -Mate ==>> The best speaker ever

BW 804N

BW 803N

BW 802N

Vandersteen 3A

Revel Salon 2

YG Hailey 2


the last two are both amazing. 

Fisher S2

Rectilinear III High Boy

Thiel 3.6

WATT Puppy 6

Martin Logan Voyage

Proac 1SC

Red Rose R3

Carver True Sub Signature

Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE

REL T/5i

Not in any order:

Proac tablet 

Proac Response 2.5

Proac D25

Sonus Faber Home

Sonus Faber, book shelf can recall the model.

Martin Logan Aries i

ADS L910

ADS L710

Tannoy Monitor Gold 15" in Lancaster cabs

Klipsch Heresy 3

Klipsch Cornwall 2

Klipsch LaScala's 

Omega SAM 

Teckton Lore

Spendor D9.2

Revox Agora B

Living Voice Avatar 2

AudioNote ANE LUX

LII Song F-18 in OB

I'm sure i missing some. 


Klipsch KG 3.2

Definitive Technology BP2000

Von Schweikert VR4 Silver

Magnepan 1.6 (twice)

ACI Jaguar

Roman Audio Centurion

Meadowlark Audio Shearwater HR

Von Schweikert VR2

Silverline Sonata II

PBN Montana SP2 (three times)

Magnepan 3.5

Aeriel 7B

Piega P10

PBN Montana SPX

PBN Montana EPS2

Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III HSE

Green Mountain Audio Callisto

Green Mountain Audio Imago IV

Green Mountain Audio Continuum C3 HR

Reference 3a Grand Veena (twice)

Wilson Audio Sophia

Klipsch Cornwall II

Crites Cornscala

Klipsch Forte III


Spatial Audio X3

Klipsch Cornwall IV

Klipsch Lasacala II

Magnavox mono speaker/turntable in one, on coffee table-like set-up.

Listened to Beatles and the Stones, late 60's.

KLH Model 6 in high school and college.

Acoustic Research model ? Early adulthood.

Paradigm studio monitors, stupid mid adulthood.

Dunlavy SC3's for the rest of my life.




As I look at some of these posts. Some have you have been through a lot of speakers. We are crazy in this hobby. 

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In approximate chronological order:

Bose 10.2

Magnepan 1.4

Magnepan SMG

Atlantic Technology sub sat system

Boston Acoustics A60

Magnepan 1.5 qr

Magnepan 3.3 r

Von Schweikert VR4jr

Klipsch Heresy III

Realistic minimus 7

Energy Connoisseur C7


Vandersteen 2Ci 

PSB alpha B1

Magnepan 1.7i

Tekton Lore

Magnepan 3.7 

Several of these speakers were owned at the same time and used in different rooms.



RtR large bookshelf 2ways if u remember (1980)

RtR 600DS

Rogers LS7a

DCM Time Window 1a

JMLab Daline 3.1 (nice sound but fragile and not meant to be played super loud all the time - with a hafler 100w amp anyway. 

Klipsch RF13?

Magnepan 1.7is


Infinity RS8

Infinity RS7

ADS L1590/2

Proac Response 2.5

All over a 43 year span.




BIC Soundspan TPR-600

Klipsch Heresy

Klipsch Cornwall 

Advent (large)

M&K S-100s with Subwoofers

Revel Studio 2’s

And more….

Altec 604 in DIY Altec enclosure

Altec A7-500 (borrowed from psychoacoustic lab as grad student)

AR3a (Post Doc)

KEF Reference 102

KEF Reference 104/2

KEF Reference 107/2

KEF Reference 1s


Next: KEF LS60

Jenson 2 way

marantz Imoerial 7’s

Ohm F’s

magnaoan 11a

Magnepan tympani lll


apogee minors

Apogee stages

apigee caliper

Apogee diva (rebuilds)



Allison Ones

Paradigm 7SE

Vortex Screens

Emerald Physics CS-2

VMPS 626R later w/VMPS 215/VSS driver



Selah Tempesta


Green Mountain Audio Continuum HX/3


Vapor Audio Joule Black

SP Technologies Revelation MK-V





EPI 100

JBL 830T

Magnepan SMG B

Dunlavy II

ProAc Studio 200

Vandersteen 2Ci

Apogee Centaur

Magnepan MG1B

Aerial Acoustics 7B

Wilson Audio WP 6

Still own both the Aerial’s and Wilson’s. 


Your handle takes me back. Like minds?

High School in the 60’s, instead of calling someone a dork my friends would say, ‘nah, you’re not a dork. Then there was the fictitious character, Wadslow Wadington which conveniently morfed into ‘no shitt Wadslow.’

@hilde45 ....sometimes, simplicity is an acceptable retreat...

@ozzy62 ....impressive list, but....'speaker lifespans' are either remarkably short with you or you've owned 'groups' concurrently....a lot.... ;)

Since 1968:

Lafayette 2-way 8" acoustic suspension.

KLH 32

Advent Smaller

Advent Loudspeaker

Dahlquist DQ10a

Double (stacked) Rogers LS 3/5a

Quad ESL(57)

Celestion SL6

Pro Ac EBS

Meridian M20

B&O 8000

Rogers LS 3/5a single

Silverline SR16

Zu Druid 4

Zu Definition 1.5

Zu Definition 2

Zu Definition 4

Zu Druid 5

Zu Druid 6

Zu Cube

Zu Definition 6

Since 1974: Stax SR-5 powered by SRA3S headphone amp

Also, Jecklin Float headphones powered by modified Dynaco ST70, ~1976-1982

OK, I'm old but so what. I've been spending my own money on hifi since 1968.

Zu has been in my systems exclusively since 2004.




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Martin Logan 40

Dali Rubicon 6

KEF Reference 1

Dali Rubicon 8

Volti Rival current

Based on this thread I am overdue for a speaker change. :)

@calvinj  yes the studio 2 and salon 2’s do nothing wrong.  I had the studio’s, and actually saw an add for someone wanting  to swap his Salon 2’s for Studio’s +.$.

so I rented a minivan, drove to Nashville (half way to Texas), and did the deal.  The Salon 2’s are more of the same sound, with better bass and can fill my whole first floor.  Smooth, easy, resolving,  never angry or harsh.  And you still see them used for 10k.

Give them a good signal and enjoy!

love these threads!

Fischer xp95c (poor mans CV at15)

Bose 901vI. Hung from the ceiling sounded DYNAMIC.

Epicure model 5


KEF R105/3 (20+ years)

Vienna acoustics Beethoven (sold and repurchased!!! I love these.

revel f52,

revel salon

revel salon 2

KEF R107/2

Vienna acoustics Strauss

Usher Be20DMD

Paradigm Persona 7f

Meridian DSP 8000 se, make offer

KEF Blade.

After finding just how important room and component integration actually isI started buying and reselling used at little loss so I could afford to try just about anything I was interested in. 



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1968 still in HS: Utah: They came in the package from the local brick and mortar with a Fischer receiver and Dual/Shure TT. The tweeter was awful and I was glad to part ways with them!!! My innocent start into audiophilia.

Headphones only in the college dorm.

First apartment : EPI 201A through children. Added a DIY subwoofer with the emergence of CD. What a fun revelation! Many great hours spent here.

On my own again and my dream speaker: Carver ALS III+. In my dedicated room I have finally achieved the perfect room placement with a sub to kiss the bottom end, along with perfect synergy with amp/speaker cable/preamp. This took a long time to wring the best performance from these and I am glad I stuck with it! The only thing that would get me back into the market is a catastrophic failure.

Eosone rsf1000

B&W 802N

Lawrence audio Violin

Genesis 5.3

Infinity IRS Beta

Mcintosh XRT28

Legacy Aeris (current)

B&W 804N (HT)

JBL S38 (HT)

Krell Resolution 2 (HT - current)

Krell Resolution  Center (HT - current)

Swarm subwoofers (current)

Seaton Audio Submersive F2 (HT - current)

I've enjoyed all of them!


In the 70s’

Infinity 1100 A’s, then Infinity Towers, then Infinity Tower II’s. These were used with a Miller Kreisel Sub and Sony STR 6800 Reciever


Polk RTA 12B’s with Miller Kreisel Sub. Then Bose 701’s with BIGGER Miller Kreisel Sub and Hafler 500 Amp/ Carver Hologram Pre-Amp.


5 Miller Kreisel B-1600’s and my first processor (Marantz 7500). I’m now up to two Subs.... Rythmics


Ascend Acoustic Towers w/Sierria II’s surrounds. These were my first tastes of Raal tweeters. First separates. Marantz 8802 and ATI 6500 Signature Series Amp



Focus Se’s, Marquee Center, Phantom and Deco Sides/Surrounds with Lyngdorf Processor and Legacy I. V 7 Amp . Now at 4 subs. Legacy Foundations.

Reading some of the comments. I see the obsession started early and still is going 

In the ’70s: Infinity 1001A

In the ’80s: Bang & Olufsen M-100-2; Magnepan IIIA; Apogee Duetta II

In secondary systems: Paradigm Monitor 9, Event TR6, PSB Image 4T,

PSB Alpha AM3

Ohms Walsh 3, Kef model 4, Martin Logan request. No longer own this 4 Speakers. The following  I still own Andra 1, KLH model9, Tekton pS 6, Tekton impact monitor, Omega Rs8, And 3i, Diapason Adamantes, Red Rose r3 Monitor, Latest Technic Monitor Speakers, Norh 9, ELac b6, Pioneer Bs 22 and 21, Wharfedale Monitor 101 And 2.Klipsh rpm 600.


Within its limitations, the Diapason Adamantes is the most musical speaker that I have ever heard. I wish that I had bought a pair many years ago, and I still might.

Roxy 54 .The Diapason are indeed very musical, I was choosing between Martin Logan and Diapason that time 20yrs plus ago .I end up choosing Martin Logan, 5 yrs later I bought the Diapason because of their musicality you mentioned.

Studio Design 46 (1976-1985)

AR 28BX (1985-1990)

Magnepan SMGa (1990-1991)

Magnepan MG1.4 (1991-1992)

Magnepan MG2.6R (1992-2000)

Revel F30 (2000-2015)

Revel Studio 2 (2015-present)

JBL 4312

Klipsch Heresy 

Klipsch Forte 

Klipsch LaScala


Artemis EOS 

Devore Gibbbon 8

Audio Physics 


Martin Logan 

Revel F52

Revel F228

Mirage M1

Ariel 7T

Wilson Audio Sophia II

Wilson Audio Sophia 3

Wilson Audio Sasha 1

Monitor Audio PL500 II