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DCS Sending Legal Notice To Reviewer (Golden Sound) Over an Old Review of Their Bartok DAC
I agree with Golden Sound's review of the Bartok. I listened to it in my system. In my system the Bartok is dark, lacks detail, and sounds closed-in.  
Look into Live-Vibe Audio  
MBL 101E
"$27k OBO, but Seller B sells them for $35k OBO ". I don't know how old they are, but $27K and $35K is better than what a dealer quoted me for a three year old used pair for $63.5K($51K for the speakers and $12.5K credit for my speakers)! I know t... 
Stacking subwoofers
Just to put things into perspective, I've owned dual JL Audio F110s with the CR1 crossover, dual JL Audio F112 v2, HSU, Martin Logan, dual REL Carbon Specials, REL G1 mk IIs and I currently use dual REL No. 32s subwoofers. I originally loved the R... 
Racks, equipment and footers
Look into Live Vibe Audio Platforms.  
why expensive streamers
I've heard bigger differences between music servers than between DACs.   
Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable
Every system is different. I've listened to the Nordost Tyr2 and Valhalla 2 in my system. I prefer the Tyr2 in my system.   
Initial thoughts on Rob Watts designed Quartet M-Scaler
Thanks for the nice comments about my system. In my "system" the M-Scaler sounds unnatural. It made the music sound "processed" is the only way I can explain it.   
Initial thoughts on Rob Watts designed Quartet M-Scaler
I tried the M-scaler and didn't like it in my system, No comments until I hear the Quartet M-Scaler in my system. I wondering if the power supply for the Quartet can be used to power the Dave also? Based on the video it doesn't appear that the Qua... 
Sound Quality
navyachts, "@ricred1 Cool, but I’m giving this a bit of second thought. Honestly (as some have suggested) with all the streaming content that’s out there, there really isn’t the need to rip CDs, I guess. That is unless you have something rare tha... 
Sound Quality
I have the Antipodes K10 ripper that rips straight to my Antipodes Oladra’s SSD. The Antipodes K10 triggers the ripping software in my Oladra. I place a CD in the tray and close it, and ripping starts automatically. When the CD has been ripped, th... 
Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
The Mola Mola Tambaqui is a good DAC, but won't be everyone's preference. I guess I had unrealistic expectations and returned it after a week.  
Infigo Audio Cables
I finally got a chance to listen to some very expensive OCC single crystal cables. In my system I found voices too forward, while on some recordings instruments lacked fullness/detail. Suffice it to say, I prefer my current cables. As I grow in t... 
Guess who has new speakers in their lab?
How do you trust anyone that’s making a profit off of something, but tries to convince everyone that their working so hard for you? Personally, I would never support a business or person that I don’t trust.  
Townshend Isolation Products.
tvad, "I have owned Townshend and StarSound loudspeaker platform products. The effects were equal to my ears." I believe Starsound new name is Live Vibe Audio? As an alternative to Townshend, some prefer Live Vibe Audio.