Is High End Audio catchin' up with you all?



Gym guy need to work on his lower legs, and maybe boasts about his setup. Bike guy probably has a low end setup, because he blows his cash on bike stuff and audio guy probably has hypertension/cholesterol issues and trolls forums threads.

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Nothing personal… I hate you. 😁😇


I still ride 13 miles a day, walk the dogs a couple miles. Used to hike a couple times a week, regardless of whether I was in China, Japan, or Europe. Climbed small mountains when home in the US, frequently went on three to seven day bike rides… but I’m the guy on the right now. I’m 69.

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@ghdprentice , As our discs desiccate and we loose height we all get pot bellies. Keep up the riding, best aerobic sport for us old guys. I'm up in New England. My wife and I got Tacx Neo Smart 2 trainers and we ride all over the world from our exercise room. We do it for real in the Summer. Winter is for skiing. All my cycling friends are into two things, audio and cars (or motorcycles). I may look like the guy on the right but my Ducati makes me feel like the guy on the left.  Funny that it is still about the sound. A Ducati L twin is the best sounding motorcycle by far.


A little off topic. Would something like the Tacx Neo be useful for someone who has had recent L5/S1 artificial disc replacement with the ActiveL disc? I had the disc replacement procedure on 1 July and tried Peloton bike, but leaning forward hurts after a few minutes. I have a new Norditrack X32 for walking which feels good…but, I have lingering Sciatica pain in my feet and post sprained ankle arthritis flairs up after a few days of using the treadmill. Our local club house has a recumbent bike which I use off and on,but, I had right hip surgery 2 years ago for a torn labrum and peddling in that position after a short while causes a burn at the hip. I was told swimming is the best for my particular recovery. On a good note. I can rearchitect farther, lift more than 20 pounds, weened myself off Gabapentin by using Nervive and eating more healthy. Stopped going to PT, well, too many people sick. I am able to do the PT stuff at home anyway with all my PT gear for all of my other ailments over the years. 

I’m an outlier like Carlsbad.  50 to 60 beers a week.  5 to 6 days a week in bars chasing women half my age. Few can keep up.

I don’t work 60 hours a week anymore. I don’t want to.  When I listen to music, I focus on the music and little else.

I weigh 50 more pounds than I did as a skinny 6’5” high school geek who was offered an appointment to West Point by Bobby Knight.

Machines break down.  Too bad we don’t live forever.

I am in between the bike guy and the audio dude. I work out, play hockey 3 nights a week. Wear the same size pants as I did in high school and college but look like a guy in his mid to late 50’s who works out a bit. No gut but no 6 pack abs. Just an average guy.

@mijostyn you must have Helibars on you Ducati then with a gut like that.

Could not get on my BMW100RR or Aprilia RSV4R with a gut like that.

Just kidding you have fun. Bet you have a Multistrada? 

Damn.. smoking Fattys eating chips and drinking beer or buckets of sweat ?

Look like a pig or sweat like one ?

Moderation and a good sound system..that’s me !


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Funny. I am not overweight, just under height !

Fighting to get back to my 100 miles a week on the bike. My advice is when setting those priorities, don’t ever check the box that says Type 1 Diabetes…..


Best to all


2022 is going to see 30 covid pounds go away even if

it costs me an appendage.

I recently bought a DAC with no remote of all things!

This mandates at least two trip daily to swap sources.

Hell of a workout!! 

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@audioquest4life , It depends on what type of bike you put on the Tacx. If you want to be more upright put a mountain bike on it.

@jerryg123 , Nope. I am inseam challenged. The Multistrada is too tall. Besides, they are ugly. I have a Supersport 950S but, I am thinking about a Diavel S. My Panigale days are over. 

@mijostyn I have Ducati 888SP I race in the American Historic’s AHRMA and a 1976 750SS I run from time to time.

great bikes the old air cooled Ducks. 

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I'm pleased to say that I weigh only about 12 pounds more than when I graduated college.  I still wear the same size clothes.  I exercise, I hike in the Summer months, and I ski in the Winter months.  I pull up from the ocean large tuna and other pelagic species during the Summer months, too.  I'll say, that is an exercise unto its own.  My diet is excellent, and I do enjoy craft beer and good wine.

I exercise my mind with reading and with great high fidelity.

I am fortunate that my genes are from a wonderful lineage of good health and long lives.  That said, nothing is a guarantee and there is no expiration stamp on my rear end.  While I am not exactly like either of the 3 dudes in the picture, I do my best to live a healthy life and maintain good strength and mobility.  And great music with good high fidelity playback plays a nice role in my healthy life.  High end audio is not catching up with me, it has been a part of me for most of my life.

Keep it going, everyone!


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Shout out to  flatblackround! I'm 6'7" and have always hated running, workouts, and all the other reindeer games. I am coordinatized but never saw the point of putting myself through the misery. I have a theory that tall people on average don't like working out, while shorter people love it. I know I'm stereotyping, but maybe it's on average true. Maybe the shorter person get results faster or gets the endorphin release faster than tall people. Maybe tall people's lungs aren't sized for the total blood volume.  Sure, pay a 7 footer 10 million dollars a year in the NBA and they will lumber up and down the court, but not normally the running type. Think about it...ever see a really tall guy running on the road, or were they pretty short? Weight lifters...pretty short. Bikers, maybe a few more taller people, but mostly short. No judgment, it has just always seemed to me that shorter people have some motivation/reward for these activities that taller people don't get. To flatblackround's point, in a bar you get a normal distribution of height and weight!


I got a RAD electric bike to take my son to school. He sits in the back and I peddle the total of 325lbs. In the 5 months, we have been doing this we have done 1600 miles and I have gained a ton of fitness. I highly recommend these new electric bikes. I thought they were kind of wimpy at first however, we are on the bike without worrying about wind and most weather issues and gaining tons of fitness.

at 6’2”, I believe Randy Newman sang it best…. “ Short people…”….

😏 I’m 70, 5’-11", 62 ish kilos per a visit to the cardio doc today.

I fit clothing that’s the same sizes essentially since HS.

I have no ’gut’ to speak of.

My ’exercise routine’ is dealing with treated lumber, typically still ’wet’ from ground contact processing. If it’s Really heavy, have the intellect to use our Bobcat to move it vs. using ’gym guys’ show muscles’ (I’d rather flex my brain instead of my back....the former learns, the latter can remind you of idiocy for weeks..).

I prefer being ’nimble’ on a lot of levels... ;)

I admit to having some....’bad habits and preferences’....that haven’t seemed to stop me in anything significant....*G*

I Do have an aortic pig & stainless steel synth valve with an onboard pacer & defib; not due to my atrocious habits, but a DNA ’kink’ that gave me a mutant 2 flap valve that finally developed ’back flow’, enough for TAVR....

(I warned the MD’s that splitting my chest would let the demons out...scary sh*t in an me out of the hospital in 3 days. as they wanted to make sure I’d take the demons with....)

What should bother y’all is that I will likely outlive the bulk of you. Let spouses and/or significant others know that I’ll make a lovely bouquet of your high-end cables for your ’new digs’ (Yes, pun on purpose) and a larger ’whip-like’ version for that person to ’antique’ your stone with.

Yup. Some of us just exist to annoy you. ;)

(Thanks for all the hand gestures and loud shouts of encouragement..._

I want to be carlsbad when I grow up.


Speaking of "good noises".   My '66 Sunbeam Tiger with hand-built 347 stroker motor sounds like a pro stocker when I get on the gas.  Music to my ears.


And, I'm 72 and still wear the same size pants as I did in my 30's.  Does that count?

Wear the same size pants as I did in high school

Me too, but about 6 inches 

"'66 Sunbeam Tiger with hand-built 347 stroker motor sounds like a pro stocker when I get on the gas.  Music to my ears."


That must be a handful to drive!

Never seen a Tiger. Only a few Alpines over the years. A high school friend drove a beat up Alpine, that I loved to drive, when given the opportunity.


@waytoomuchstuff    Maxwell Smart would be SO envious. My very first car was a '67 Alpine in french racing blue...a total stripper...not even a radio. Only had it a year but I flogged it mercilessly the whole tome so probably put the equivalent of 5 years of "normal" use on it. Never once did it go in for service but, hell, what was there to break???

LOL, I seem to recall when I was at a classic car auction seeing a perfect Sunbeam Tiger about to cross the block. I remember it because my mechanic begged me not to bid. He said there was a pass thru in the glovebox necessary to be able to change a sparkplug(s). Shoehorned that powerplant in there. I just laughed.

@tablejockey  Yes, it can get a little squirrelly.  "Involuntary lane changes" are a phenomena of high power and a short wheelbase.  Glad you got to have fun in your friend's Alpine.  I put a turbo on my '67 and still drive it.  Quarter mile times quicker and faster than a factory stock Tiger.  

@acresverde Sounds like you had a "perfectly normal" relationship between a young enthusiast and a sports car to me.  I still abuse my turbocharged Alpine.  It deserves better than me.

@ghasley Your mechanic is partially correct.  The #8 plug is accessed thru a grommet in the driver's side transmission hump.  It's actually quite easy to remove/reinstall.  #s 2-7, not so much.  It rate myself a 6.2 on the "vintage car mechanic scale" and have kept a couple of Tigers running for 20+ years.  Sounds like your mechanic needs to stick to working on slant six Plymouth Valiants.  Lots of room to work in the engine bay.

@waytoomuchstuff LOL…he focused mostly on pre-war French and German cars and post war Mercedes up through the early 1960’s. He could be forgiven for not wanting to venture into British cars with American iron transplants. Im sure you have fun with your Tiger.

....speaking of 'going off-topic (which I'm shocked hadn't happened earlier...)...

A 'beam Tiger was a hoot to see IRL...

"Cute it fu.....WTH!" 

"I guess it is....*LOL*"

Watched an Elan suck the doors off a Stingray 'Vette.... I'd bet the 'Vette owner did some homework to find out WTH that car was....Refrigerator White, innocent as yellow snow..... ;)

The Tiger would have survived if only they'd opted like Shelby to clean slate' the entire car.  The existing frames weren't up to dealing with v8 anything....
...and I'd bet the guys back at the factory weren't amused when putting them together....   

I can't bend my arm that way!"  was likely common....

@waytoomuchstuff ...*L* Nahh, you're quite 'normal' 'bout your Tiger...

...and your 'apparent age' makes you a Perfect 'Sleeper'.
Go gittum'....*nasty L*

...owned a Spitfire for a time....It was nice to be able to sit on a front tire while rolling pushrods on a pane of glass to check for the bent ones.....*S*

Obviously, none of you had the temerity to get one of these and spend so much time fixing, towing and pushing it that you could work on it blind folded:

I took it from stock and added a 1/4 race cam with a 40mm Weber downdraft carb on matching intake manifold from FAZA Racing (run by Al Consentino of Florida). The carb linkage that came with it didn't match so I had it and the stock one cut and welded together so it would work (front half of one and rear of other). Also had the FAZA headers and ran straight pipes out the back.

With over 30 additional HP I terrorized Triumphs, MGs and smaller Porsches out on Mulholland Dr. That Webber was the easiest carb to work on and swapping air and fuel jets took just a few minutes. Everything was tuned by ear. Those simpler days were the best.

All the best,