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Does Anyone Know What These Are?
Look like mic stand swivel to me?  
Is 12'x12' too small for Magnepan 1.7's?
I had MMGs in a 10X10 room but the room was at it's limits with the speaker 4.5 feet into the room. I tried a pair of 1.6s and I could not get them to work in that room. Maggies like space, if you can use another room, do that.  
Curious to know what you guys think/like about Pink Floyd's early work
@fastfreight  Yes Pink Floyd’s early work is less accessible, with all the comments about Sid’’s style accurate.  But there is some great stuff.  Gems like Arnold Layne, see Emily Play,  Cymbaline  and Careful with that Axe Eugene are great examp... 
Thinking of Downsizing
You are going to be disappointed in a $1000 speaker. Keep the 805s and replace the Mac with a Musical Fidelity Integrated, that will still put money in your pocket.  
Will there be a dramatic difference?
"@audiotroy  we are a parasound dealer theA21 is a good amp you want a jc5 which is a much better amplifier then the 21" I think this is accurate from what I know.  
Happy Accident
An equilateral loudspeaker positioning is just a good starting place. You should always try different positions and see what the effects are. No telling what is happening in your room without complex measurement and analysis but nothing wrong with... 
C12000 Owners! Help. Tube vs Solid State Question
Most likely you are hearing the difference in your cabling or the 3db difference between RCA and balanced outputs.  
Cary SLP-98L DC or Cap Upgrade details
All I can say is the SLP-98 F1 is killer. If you like music, it's the one.  
Level adjusting speaker drivers
Unfortunately it's an indication that your loudspeakers are not cutting it. Even without any tone controls, all your music should sound great with no reason to adjust things.  
user poll on seperates vs integrated
....wondering what specifically about speaker choice would make you lean towards either separates or integrated?  for reference, i use focal kanta 3 speakers. The Kanta 3 in a proper room certainly deserves the best. What specifically about spe... 
RCA Y- cable or is an A/B switch required?
A coaxial switch would be the best solution but if you make sure you turn off the amp you aren't using, it would probably be OK.  
user poll on seperates vs integrated
If you have a very good system separates are the way to go. Mono-blocks being the best. However a good integrated can also be good or good enough. Mostly depends on your loudspeaker choice.  
Best in wall speakers
Martin-Logan Statement look pretty interesting....you did say best, did you not?  
Magtech works well, better than most.  
trying to upgrade speaker cable: Audioquest type 9 or Rocket 88
Rocket 88 has good detail and is a solid performer. Probably a good match for Vandys.