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Poll: Most impactful component
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
I honestly don’t see how the X 1 will become obsolete unless some new technology develops. LUMIN  is a company that constantly updates the software in their existing products, I used  the LEEDH processing in my former T2 and it was a major sonic i... 
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
D2 to X1 is a monster jump up.  
Can you give me your speaker suggestions?
PL owner here. I run KT150s into NSMT model 75s. No bass issues and plenty of transparency. Good luck  
Is there a ceiling limit on what you are willing to pay for an audio component?
I’m with Edcyn  
Primaluna 300 integrated running 6L6 with high bias switch
Randy you might like KT150, they provide the bass plus great transparency and spatial qualities, tone is super. In my PL I found 120s too sterile and KT77 pretty good but not enough mid bass. I occasionally swap the 150s with 7581a, which have sur... 
Question about wpc on tube amps
Oddiofyl gave great advice as did others  
How do I switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet cables?
Inexpensive but good sounding solution for me was short ethernet cable from router to fiber media converter box to fiberoptic cable to another FMC box and short Ethernet cable into my Dac streamer  
Coda 8 - Which variant/
Doesn’t this amplifier design allow you to easily have the manufacturer change the bias to up the power output?  
Help me upgrade my beginner system!
Speakers if your room is buttoned down  
Vibration isolation or absorption?
+1 Clearthinker  
Questions about Resolving Systems
Portraying the recording space and position of the musicians   
Describe the "new HiFi sound"?
I heartily agree with Bliss HIFI point number one.  
NSMT Model 75 in the House!
I now have 200 hours on the speakers, the breakin period per owner designer Erol Ricketts. The tone is lifelike, dynamics impeccable, staging projects beyond and behind the speakers. Imaging is impressive, the performers positions are easy to hear... 
Legacy XD series for tube amplifier thoughts
See my rig, Terry London gave a very accurate description of NSMT. Wish I had the jack for the 100s, they must be incredible. Deep bass and tone sounds real. Plays well with tubes. Good luck on your quest.