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Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
Post results, much like a cable post. Will you or won’t you listen, can you or can’t you hear…lol Cheers   
Power Cables
Of course check the used market as there is thousands out there and thousands more made every day. Different colours, sizes, textures, gimmicks, satisfaction really depends on how many years you wanna play in the rabbit hole. With regards to the b... 
Double up on speaker cables
Agreed cables do make a difference. Quality of copper, Gauge size, Routing a/c Interference etc. It’s the good better best lipstick on a pig it’s better tomorrow, BS that’s disgusting. And the price you’re expected to pay for this placebo pseudo-e... 
Double up on speaker cables
@timkeough1964 Oh know… Don’t believe in magic beans now you’ve done it…woke the bears ! Out run someone… Lol Cheers  
What is your front end ?
IMO the most efficient way to realize that peaceful musical zone is the way to go. LP’s, CD’s waste of time and effort, seldom did I find a recording that I enjoyed from beginning to end. Spent a couple of years making flack CD’s then boredom set ... 
@ghdprentice Sounds like you’ve a lot of time to guess with someone else’s hearing and money. “I think it would likely make a profound”… more guessing, and you suspect… Fortunately for him the majority think the salesman is just that plus a dose... 
12 wire compared to Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable?
I think the mistake/misunderstanding is/was they are authentic Nordost and sold at their actual audio valve. My sandbox, don’t like the game get out….lol Cheers  
looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable
Same 💩.. in a different pile, LOL !     
my own experience with Tekton Design
Nailed it you did Kennyc, was the King of all mats, lotions, potions, pastes, and Tekton. Add pontification and BS sales propaganda, hate was inevitable.  
What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?
Oops poked the Garebear, who cares ? Season change time to wake up. Cheers  
my own experience with Tekton Design
IMO there’s room for Tekton at its price point, Problems started with the BS Audio claims. I think people thought it humourous at first, then it just got Irritating. Modern day 901’s with a heap of negative flare. All in someone’s still making mon... 
Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable
IMO, find cables you’re interested in, test against your factory cables. No difference toss the crap. If you find cables that out perform supplied stock those are winners, take the best. Give it a day or two try the test again. Pay no attention to... 
What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?
Micro-gap filling ? Talk about diminishing returns, there’s one for the ‘tweaked’ audiophile ears. Most can’t realize a difference doing an A/B cable test. Pastes, pads, contact crap, magic rocks / beans, it all makes a difference ? Laughing is go... 
Power cords: does length matter?
Placebo, Ignorance, Stupidity, cables, the marriage magic of mythical manipulation with mechanical. Cheers  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Dust, lots of it !!